SDCC 2017: Interviews with the Cast & Producers of ‘Shadowhunters’


The Shadowhunters cast and producers were at San Diego Comic Con telling exclusive information about the end of Season 2 and early Season 3 details. Besides telling us things at the panel like that Sarah Hyland would be playing an older version of the Seelie Queen (insert my reaction) and Alisha Wainwright is going to be a series regular come Season 3 (about time they recognize her greatness), we got to sit down with some of the cast and producers where we of course asked them everything we possibly could about the show!

Some topics that are mentioned throughout these interviews include: upcoming characters we’ll be introduced to in Season 3, the continued twisted relationship between Sebastian and Valentine, and of course our two favorite ships: Malec and Clace!

Showrunners and Executive Producer, Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, & Matthew Hastings

When asked what was the biggest challenge this season, the producers of course stated Valentine and son. “Obviously Valentine was a major challenge throughout much of the season,” showrunner and executive producer Todd Slavkin said. “The wrath of Valentine is about to evolve in a very twisted way because of Sebastian.”
Matt Hastings said about the Valentine and Sebastian duo:

“Arguably, Sebastian is unbalanced. And then you have Valentine, who also lies a lot. It’s further complicated by the father/son relationship. It’s if Luke Skywalker had said ‘Yes’ to Darth Vader.”

The three producers also went into detail on what they love about Sarah Hyland’s interpretation of the Seelie Queen. Hyland’s version of the Seelie Queen is more serious and holds more of an intimidating presence. “Different outfits for different occasions,” Matt quoted from the sneak peek that was shown.

When asked about Alisha’s new series regular role, we got information on what to expect from Maia Roberts in the end of this season and next. “She’s involved with Simon, as we’re seeing them dance a little. When I say ‘involved,’ I just mean they’re friends,” the producers said. It’s okay, guys, I’m still going to ship Maia/Simon. Also, apparently there’s a monologue from Maia in Monday’s episode, 2.18: “Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen,” that we need to keep our eyes out for (and have a box of tissues at hand).

And for those book fans wondering if we’ll be seeing any more characters from the book series, we’re getting both Lilith and Jordan in the upcoming third season, as well as one character they were very secretive about! Seeing how every person they’ve cast for this show has been wonderfully talented, I can only imagine what amazing actor is going to be cast for these new roles.

Harry Shum Jr.
 (Magnus Bane), Isaiah Mustafa (Luke Garroway), & Matthew Daddario (Alec Lightwood)

Harry, Isaiah, and Matt had different answers when asked what the biggest challenge was this season. Isaiah immediately yells: “Love!” Harry: “Dealing with difficult people.” “That guy [Valentine], he’s an issue. He looks like there’s an issue there.” “Endless sequence of problems,” said Matt.

When asked about dealing with the representation of getting ‘Malec’ right, they replied “We talk about it a lot.” They try to not let the pressure of the popular ship get to them. Matt perfectly stated his opinions on playing Alec, the process Harry and himself go through to bring Malec alive, etc:

“We look at our own set of principles and how we feel things should be from our own experiences. Then we look at, what are the experiences we see from other people, other media, what’s appropriate, what fans say on social media. Most importantly, we just want to do what’s right for the most people. To make lives better in any way we can, with also understanding we’re just a TV show, we’re not heroes.”

“We’re not trying to say ‘this is the only way’!” Harry adds. Oh and Isaiah totally wants in on the Malec goodness.

Speaking of Isaiah/Luke: “my partner gets a little bit deeper into my business.” Harry loves Ollie and Luke’s tag team comedy that they have going on; as do I, Harry, as do I.

The trio actually came to the conclusion that they’d love to have more scenes together. Come to think of it, how often do we see Luke, Magnus, and Alec in the same room together? Not very often, if at all. “The three of us are just so different,” Harry says, “but we have so many little things in common; that’s what makes it interesting.” Once this sudden comparison came to light, it pretty much blew their minds and ours!

Lastly, in regards to what season 2 episode they find most shocking, hands down it’s 2.19: “Hail and Farewell” and the season finale, 2.20: “Beside Still Water.” “Someone’s gonna die!” Harry yells. “19 and 20 equals death,” Isaiah also mentions. Does anyone have any theories on who you think the ultimate victim will be? Leave them in the comments below! I have very strong opinions on this, so I’d love to discuss it.

Dominic Sherwood (Jace Herondale) & Katherine McNamara (Clary Fray)

Our favorite lovers-turned-siblings-turned-not-siblings-but-it’s-just-really-complicated-now, Jace Herondale and Clary Fray (Dominic Sherwood and Katherine McNamara), recapped Clace’s relationship for us. “We’re kind of in love, but kind of not in love.” Yes, that’s their relationship! They’re too busy dealing with Clary’s actual brother to really even think about starting a relationship. But given that they both have special abilities together and apart, they have to really confront their relationship. “They need each other and they need these powers in order to overcome these obstacles we just recapped,” Kat states.

Also, there’s a scene near the end of the season finale that we really need to pay close attention to. It’s very important to the characters and cast and definitely seems like a game changer. “The next four episodes of the show, it gets brutal and it gets dark, and all of the danger that we’ve been building, and that we’ve been warning against, becomes real,” Kat teases. “In a very personal way for all of the characters. And nobody is left unscathed.”

Thoughts and opinions on what you think will happen in the final season 2 episodes of Shadowhunters?

Shadowhunters airs Monday nights at 8/7c on Freeform. The season 2 finale is set to air August 14th.