REVIEW: Orphan Black S5 Ep8 – Guillotines Decide

Sarah, S, and Felix

First, let’s focus on the positives from this week’s Orphan Black. Felix is finally back! And not only was he back, but he was center stage for much of the episode, hosting an art opening. Initially he insisted that he didn’t want any “sestra shenanigans” to interfere with the show, but that flew out the window when he introduced Alison, Cosima, and Sarah one at a time to the crowd, playing it off as one person who was taking on each persona, and adding a live element to the paintings of all of his sisters.

S and FelixFelix brings a levity to the show that I’ve really missed this season, and he was on point this week with a number of lines that made me laugh. My favorite was when he ignored Sarah’s attempts to talk to him about S making a deal with Rachel: “That’s terrible. That’s brutal, and you’re not gonna like this either, but DONNIE! CURTAIN.” Well played, Felix. Between the light-hearted clone swaps, cinching the evidence against Neolution, and Felix’s speech in the end about family, the thought crossed my mind that much of this episode almost felt like it could be a season finale. But no, we’re not saying goodbye to the show quite yet. S, on the other hand…

Ferdinand is also back, and is revealed to be the mysterious source that S was getting her information from. Once Rachel is stabilized from her self-amputation, S and Delphine show up to make a deal. While they’ve gathered lots of evidence against Neolution, they still need Rachel’s help to prove it. And now that Neolution will be targeting Rachel as well, the goal is for them to all work together to take down Neolution once and for all. S leaves the information they’ve collected with Rachel, stating she’s willing to “take a gamble on nature over nurture.”

RachelRachel does have the proof they’re looking for, and now that they have all the dirt on the Neolution in their hands, Ferdinand wants to blackmail them and get rich. On the other hand, Rachel just wants to destroy Neolution and PT. She sends Ferdinand to meet the board with a blank memory stick, expecting him to meet his end once the board realizes he had nothing on them. I was expecting something embarrassing to pop up on the screen when he tried to pull up the files, but the simple “files not found” did the job just as well. Unfortunately, he managed to escape from the board alive.

Now from the start of the episode, when everyone except for Sarah wanted to take it easy for the night and enjoy the art show, I knew that something bad was going to go down. And the shot of S writing something (a letter perhaps?) while crying certainly didn’t bode well for her either. Still, the ending came as a somewhat painful shock.

Ferdinand waits for S at her home, to find out what she did with the information on Neolution that Rachel gave her. When S tells him that it’s all going public at that very moment, he shoots her in the chest. S manages one last trick, distracting Ferdinand and then shooting him in the neck as she promised, but there’s nothing she can do to save herself. She dies looking at a picture of Sarah and Felix. And as if I wasn’t already heartbroken enough, “Chickens,” brought another wave of tears. Rest in peace, Siobhan.

Really, I should have been expecting something this major to propel them into the last two episodes, especially with how neatly their battle against Neolution seemed to be tying up. But it’s depressing just the same.

GracieBut wait, there’s still another death! Over at the convent, Gracie is settling in to stay with Helena. She claims that Mark died two weeks prior, and she has no family left, nowhere to go. Although initially suspicious, Helena accepts Gracie’s story, and reminds her that she still does have family left – Helena’s twins. When Gracie later calls Mark to update him, she lies and says she still hasn’t found Helena, which really surprised me. But despite Gracie’s change of heart, Neolution tracks them using the cell phone. Three Neos, including Art’s new partner Enger, show up at the convent to grab Helena, and Enger shoots Gracie in the head.

How long will it take before Mark learns of Gracie’s fate? His motivation in helping Coady was wanting to be cured so he wouldn’t die and leave Gracie alone. But now that Gracie’s been killed – by the same people he’s working for – surely that will change his willingness to help.

How are you holding up now that S is gone? Do you think we still have more painful deaths ahead in the last two episodes? Leave your predictions in the comments below!