SDCC 2017: First look at Season 3 of ‘The Expanse’

There are cliffhangers, and then there are cliffhangers, and The Expanse Season 2 definitely left us with one of the latter. With the revelation by Naomi to Holden that she not only didn’t destroy their sample of the protomolecule, she has actually now handed over the information on where it is to Fred Johnson (and we cut to a shot showing that Johnson was indeed retrieving it), we know that the balance of power in the system is about to change.

The Expanse won’t return to SYFY until Spring of 2018, but the cast & creators came to SDCC over the weekend to bring fans a tease of what to expect in season 3, and announce a new cast member – LOST alum Elizabeth Mitchell will join the series as a regular, and will bring a new, spiritual perspective to the series. Something we haven’t seen much of beyond the reference to the Mormon contingent who were planning to leave the system in search of their own Utopia.

Check out the trailer below: