SDCC 2017: Interviews With The Cast Of Lucifer

With the season 3 premiere of Lucifer mere months away, the cast was finally able to give us some hints about it at San Diego Comic Con last weekend. We learned a little bit more about Tom Welling’s character, as well as what’s to come for some of the characters. Check the videos out below:

Tom Ellis, the eponymous devil himself, says that Lucifer’s story for the season revolves around discovering who is responsible for giving him his wings back. “The main sort of theme of this year is about identity,” he adds. “It’s about his father’s perception and control of Lucifer.” Sounds like the prodigal son doesn’t want to be an angel just because someone else says he is…

When is comes to Tom Welling’s presence on the show, Ellis had this to say: “I think the detective [Chloe] and the lieutenant start to spark somewhat. And while they’re sparking with each other, you can imagine how that sparks Lucifer.” Hopefully mutual jealousy will give him more reasons to hang out with Kevin Alejandro’s Dan.

Speaking of Dan, actor Kevin Alejandro added into the upcoming dynamic between himself and Lucifer. “They’re going to have a common connection because Chloe’s eye is caught by someone else.” While they’re not very far into the third season, Alejandro does know the banter is still there.

Charlotte also messed with Dan’s head last year, and her new persona is going to be explored even further in the context of their romance. Alejandro previews that they will look into “what kind of relationship could they potentially have and if they would click.”

According to Tricia Helfer, the real Charlotte is back and her story this season will be all about reconciling who she is with what she’s done without her knowledge. “There may be a bit of a connection with Lucifer, but she doesn’t know why.” That being said, she’s not in the first part of the season so she’ll already be more established as her original persona once she reappears.

In keeping with the theme of identity, Helfer explained that Charlotte would be wondering “Can she be a better person? Does she want to be a better person?” throughout the season.

Find out the answers to all these questions and more by tuning into Lucifer‘s third season on Fox, which premieres October 2nd at 8/7c.