SDCC 2017: Interviews With The Cast Of Teen Wolf

The cast and crew of Teen Wolf were on hand last weekend at San Diego Comic Con to go over the juicy details of the hit MTV show’s final ten episodes. Check out their tidbits below, starting with Executive Producer Jeff Davis:

Right off the bat, Davis teased an “awkward reunion” between Stiles, Lydia and Jackson. He also confirmed that Malia and Scott is not a one-off or out of left field. “You’ll see how it grows,” he promised. It sounds like the dynamic will truly matter, given that he chose it after asking himself, “What would be meaningful as opposed to just throwing two people together?” He also went a little more in-depth with the villains for this season, previewing the fact that Scott and his pack will become outcasts once more.

Unfortunately, not everything in Teen Wolf can happen the way the show runner would like. Davis explained that neither Meagan Tandy nor Daniel Sharman would be back – as Braeden and Isaac respectively – but not due to a lack of trying.

Colton Haynes could not be more excited about his return to Teen Wolf, and credited himself with getting Tyler Hoechlin to agree as well. He also added onto Davis’ Stydia tease, saying that “The scene is the most awkward scene in the world. It really is characters finding out a little bit more about each other.”

As for Jackson himself? “He’s definitely part of the solution,” Haynes clarified. The trailer also teased a dynamic developing between Ethan and Jackson, to which Haynes could only respond with what he had been prepped to say: “I’m everyone’s type, I guess.” But who is his type? Watch the video to find out his favorite ships and more!

Though Dylan Sprayberry was reluctant to give anything away, he said, “I think my character’s arc in this last season is great… You’re actually going to get to see where I wanted [Liam] to end up.” With such an optimistic point of view, it’s hard not to get excited about what will happen next for Liam.

However, whatever happens next sadly won’t include Hayden Romero. “We don’t see too much of Hayden this season,” he explained. “Liam is on his own.” Despite that, Sprayberry is pleased by the extra humor in the early part of 6B. “As the season gets to the end it kind of gets more serious… But those first couple of episodes were really fun to do.”

Khylin Rhambo, meanwhile, hinted at a somewhat different Mason Hewitt in the last season. “We’re going to see a much different side of him,” he began. Mason is known as a generally positive guy, but even his hope will be tested this time around. “Mason just kind of matured into the supernatural pact, and realizes the responsibility he has.”

It won’t all be darkness, though, as Mason and Corey will be going strong. “Seeing two characters have that love bond regardless of what happens externally is always good to see.” He’s also not the only actor to point to 6.13 – the episode Tyler Posey directed – as one everyone is looking forward to.

Melissa Ponzio praised Jeff Davis for writing the Teen Wolf parents as involved and in the know, but also confirmed that they will be less so now that their kids are all grown up. “We’ll always be on the peripheral and we’ll always be involved, but there’s that time where you kind of step back and let your child move a little bit without you.”

“I hope they feel satisfied [with the final episode],” Ponzio acknowledged before going on to say that the showrunner really tried to do justice to all the characters and the mythology in general. When it comes to her character specifically, she and Chris Argent’s (JR Bourne) character will be explored more in the coming episodes.

Linden Ashby wraps up the preview of the final ten episodes by declaring, “It’s a season about fear. It’s a season about divisiveness. And it’s a season about coming together and overcoming adversity.”

Remember to tune into Teen Wolf‘s last hurrah, starting July 30th at 8/7c on MTV.