SDCC 2017: Will Tensions Rise Between Humans & Zombies in iZombie’s Fourth Season?

iZombbie SDCC 2017

Credit: Warner Bros.

When we last left iZombie, the majority of Seattle’s human population had been turned into zombies. Ones worth mentioning are Clive’s love interest, Dale (via the zombie-blood-infested “flu” shot), Major (in order to re-join Fillmore Graves), and potentially Ravi (in hopes to find an actual cure).

The cast and producers of iZombie filled our brains with information on what’s to come for the upcoming fourth season.

With Dale now a zombie thanks to the vaccination, Malcolm Goodwin stated that Clive will be there for Dale just like he was for Liv. I’m interested to see how similar and/or different his involvement with Dale will be compared to Liv. Does he feel possibly responsible that he didn’t get to Dale on time before she took the “cure”?

For those wondering, zombies becoming city/worldwide knowledge was always planned to occur on the show. “Admittedly, we … might have gotten there a little sooner than we thought,” says producer Rob Thomas.

Livjor fans, don’t expect to see any happy scenes between Major and Liv in the upcoming season. According to the producers, they aren’t on the greatest of terms. But plus side (possibly?), Liv’s getting a new love interest. Apparently, the lad’s name directly derives from Liv’s and his ship name. We already have the ship name Ravioli – how even more creative could ship names get?

Lastly, Blaine will be back to his “old mustache-twirling ways,” David Anders teased. But this time, it might turn into a regular evil family business! Revealed during iZombie‘s panel: Blaine’s father, Angus DeBeers, (Robert Knepper) will be a series regular next season! “Angus is going to get out of the well, and he’s going to be up to no good, and he’s going to have some very hardcore pro-zombie people on his side,” Thomas stated.

Robert Knepper even created a video message announcing his series regular role. “Blaine, all is forgiven,” he says as Angus. I’ll never get over the DeBeer’s father/son relationship. The video can be viewed below.

While we won’t be seeing new episodes of iZombie on our TV screens until 2018 in mid-season, a Comic Con trailer of the series was also released during the panel.

What would you like to see in iZombie‘s fourth season? Leave your comments and any theories you have in the comments below.