REVIEW: Orphan Black S5 Ep5 – Ease for Idle Millionaires

Sarah, Kira, and S

Orphan Black this week was a bit on the slower side, with a couple of important reveals, but ultimately not a lot of action.

Delphine is back on the island, and although Cosima is initially cold towards her, she opens up as she tells Delphine what she’s learned about Aisha – PT has been manipulating her tumors using gene therapy. After Delphine makes a connection to Leakey’s old research using Spiny mice, and Cosima pulls up DNA from the man in the woods to compare to Aisha, they’re able to pinpoint the gene PT is manipulating: LIN28A.

CosimaThere’s some tension between Delphine and Cosima throughout the episode, as Delphine warns Cosima that she’s pushing too hard and needs to back off. While Cosima wants to dig deeper, Delphine believes that they’ll learn more if they play along with PT. It comes to a head during their dinner with PT at his home, when Cosima finds out that Delphine told PT that Cosima had been in his basement. Delphine defends herself to Cosima, saying she needed to give PT some kind of info so he would allow her to go to Geneva (where she’s meeting Felix), and sort of gives an ultimatum to Cosima – she can either accept their relationship as it is, with their differing priorities that often put them at odds with each other, or she can end it. With a kiss as her answer, Cosima chooses to accept it.

Back at the dinner table, Cosima learns that the man in the woods was a young boy PT found who showed “remarkable healing,” and he was the first LIN28A subject. Susan synthesized the gene to put in the Leda clones, to see if they’d have the same advanced healing, but it didn’t manifest until the second generation in Kira.

Cosima, Susan, and Ira then find themselves locked in a room for their safety, as the wild man from the woods has broken into the house. (All throughout the day, men from the village had been hunting the man – who started attacking closer to their homes – with reluctant help from Mud). It’s at this point that Cosima learns their plans for Kira’s mutation: Susan wants to harvest Kira’s eggs to see if the healing is inheritable, and they have 1300 surrogates selected and ready. I can’t say that I was expecting that answer, but at the same time I’m not surprised at the focus of the next round of cloning. Though really, 1300 surrogates? That sounds like a lot. How many surrogates did they have for the Leda clones? Were there that few successful pregnancies? Or are there still a whole lot more sestras out there that we just haven’t met?

Susan says she’s unable to stop PT, she can only steer him, so Cosima leaves to find and stop PT herself. (Also, Ira might be glitching, and I have no idea how that will fit into everything else, but it can’t be good). She finds PT in the basement with the woods man, who we now know is named Yanis. Apparently Yanis just wanted to come home (after Mud set him free), and he’s even trying to shackle himself back to the basement wall. Cosima puts everything she’s learned together, tells PT she knows he’s dying, that he’s not as old as he claims, and blames him for all the suffering he’s caused to try to extend his life. PT gives Cosima a chance to shoot Yanis and end his suffering, and when she refuses PT does it himself. Considering that earlier in the episode, PT had been adamant about wanting Yanis to be captured alive – and got angry at Rachel when she questioned why – I’m surprised he killed him here. Why exactly? Just to prove a point to Cosima?

Oh, and then Cosima ends up locked in the basement. Though it felt very strange that we didn’t actually see PT lock her in there – one scene he’s just watching her from the doorway, and next she’s yelling for them to let her out. Maybe it had to be cut for time? But it felt jarring without a transition to connect the two.

Sarah and KiraAway from the island, Sarah and Kira are finally mending bridges and getting along better. As we saw in the preview for this episode, Sarah agrees to finally tell Kira about all the “grownup stuff” that’s been going on around her, in exchange for Kira teaching Sarah about the feeling that connects Kira to the clones. Since Kira’s healing ability turned out to have a scientific basis, I’m wondering if they’ll have a science reason for this ability of Kira’s as well, because right now it sure seems to fall on the supernatural side of things. It was great to see Sarah and Kira coming up with codenames and getting along for a change, and Kira’s “I’m gonna be a hustler too” was pretty adorable.

Lastly, Delphine paid another late night visit to S, to fill her in on what she’s learned regarding Kira, and to ask if S’s contact can help them again. For some reason I had assumed before that Delphine was the contact that helped lead S to Coady, so now I’m very intrigued to learn there’s someone else in the mix.

Next week – Krystal is back! If they’re not giving us any Alison or Helena for now (which, if we don’t see more of them soon, I’m going to be upset), at least we get a bit of Krystal to lighten things up. Let us know what you thought about this week’s episode in the comments below!