SATURN AWARDS: Max Charles Talks The Strain S4

The Strain‘s final season is fast approaching, and young Max Charles – who in real life is far more darling than his TV counterpart Zach Goodweather – shared some details with us at last week’s Saturn Awards. When we last left him, Zach had detonated a a nuclear blast after his father Ephram (Corey Stoll) defeated his undead mother (Natalie Brown) – encasing New York in darkness and allowing the strigoi to roam the streets free from any obstacles. What’s next for Zach and for the world of The Strain at large? Check out Max Charles’ interview below to find out:

Charles defends his character’s actions by explaining how he “kind of felt kept in the dark” while living with his mom and the Master (Jonathan Hyde), “I felt kind of like a prisoner.” Finally reuniting with your father only to watch him kill your mother before your very eyes might set off any impressionable kid with access to nukes living in a world full of vampires. So maybe we shouldn’t judge too harshly?

He then revealed that season 4 would start off nine months later. With the city completely shrouded in darkness and living once more under the Master’s thumb, Zach may have a lot of self-reflection to do. “He’s kind of feeling like maybe he made the wrong choice.” Charles declares that, despite the turn of events in last year’s finale, he’s really enjoyed the story arc Zach has gone through on The Strain. “He’s kind of a conflicted character. Over the years he’s always wanted to save the people he loves. And sometimes he doesn’t make the right choices, but really in the end, he’s just trying to help.”

As for any final teases about the final season? “There’s going to be a lot of exciting things and unexpected things that will happen.” And we will just have to tune into FX on July 16th at 10/9c to find out what.