SATURN AWARDS: Aimee Garcia Talks Lucifer S3

The delightful Aimee Garcia, who plays adorable forensic scientist of faith Ella Lopez on Fox’s Lucifer, stopped to chat with us about the hit show on Wednesday. The show has been fun from the start, but Garcia added another touch of brightness with her arrival in season 2 and it sounds like her role with only grow next season. Check out the video below for a little more information:

The first thing Garcia teased was a road trip with Lucifer himself, “and there may or may not be some singing and dancing.” When pressed on who exactly may be singing and dancing, she did confirm that only one character would sing. Based on previous episodes of the show, our guess is that the Prince of Darkness will grace us with his voice once more. But Ella’s accompanying moves should be great to see! “It’s a super fun episode,” she gushed. “And I cannot wait for it to air.”

As for what she will do next season outside of driving under blue skies? “I think Ella’s going to get more involved with the other characters, and we’ll get to know more of her backstory,” Garcia confirms. But the overall mystery is who gave Lucifer his wings back and why, which are questions that the third season will endeavor to answer. She also teased another look at Lucifer’s rebelliousness. “If someone wants him to be more of an angel, in true devil fashion, he might want to be more of a devil.”

If Ella were ever to join the ranks of characters who know the biggest secret on Lucifer, Garcia thinks she would take it in stride. She’s so forgiving that Garcia says, “I almost see her as a real-life angel.” She suggests that Ella will have more questions than judgments, and we tend to agree.

You can catch Aimee Garcia in Lucifer‘s season premiere, which airs Monday, October 2 at 8/7c.