REVIEW: Orphan Black S5 Ep4 – Let the Children & Childbearers Toil

Kira and Sarah

This week on Orphan Black we learned what’s really in the woods, see a couple of old faces again, and I became even more intrigued by Mud and her role on the island.

MudMud had my interest from the start, and this week she pulled me in even further. First off, she’s much closer to PT than I expected, given how she was hooking him up to some sort of IV setup in his home. Though it’s strange that she took what was essentially a hidden passage to get into the house – is the rest of the village unaware of her closeness with PT? Or does PT just not want people speculating about why she’s visiting so late at night? Her genuine fear about Cosima being caught in PT’s house was also very telling – if Mud was really 100% in PT’s camp, wouldn’t she want him to know someone was sneaking around? But instead she’s more concerned about Cosima’s safety.

And Mud not only knows that the creature in the woods isn’t really a bear (turns out he’s the result of experiments gone wrong), but has been in contact with him too, bringing him warmer clothes and, presumably, leaving food out for him. While she refused to tell Cosima the truth, she did say, “It’s not his fault,” before clamming up in fear. PT’s fault? How much does Mud know about how the man in the woods came to be like that? Now that Cosima saw Mud with him in the woods and knows the truth, maybe Mud will finally open up and tell her more.

Remember that knife we saw Kira with last week? Yup, she did what I was afraid of. Sarah obviously is upset when she finds the cut on Kira’s arm, and assumes that Rachel did it, but Kira reveals she did it herself to find out how fast she would heal. With a few days before Kira’s scheduled to see Rachel again, S plans to use that time to gain leverage to help Kira, and she takes Sarah with her on a mystery mission to do just that.

Sarah and SS impersonates a Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, and Sarah pretends to be her assistant, so they can gain entrance to a psychiatric facility where a high level Neolution defector is being held. Turns out the defector is Virginia Coady, who I’d honestly sort of forgotten about. Coady, PT, and Susan used to all work together towards their common goal of controlling human genetics, but their first experiment went badly and led to creating the monster-man that’s now running loose on the island. Coady and Susan clashed when it came to whether or not the ends justified the means, and Susan’s the one who had Coady institutionalized, to keep her away from PT.

Back on the island, Susan slowly comes to the decision to once again work with PT, despite her earlier claims that she wouldn’t. PT has come to some sort of breakthrough, which Susan believes is tied to Kira, and needs Susan’s help. Susan tells Ira that she’s doing it to protect the two of them, though really at this point I’m not sure what exactly she’s protecting them from.

HelenaAlso of note this week – Sarah visiting Helena at the convent and talking about feeling the connection that exists between them and Kira was my favorite scene of the episode. Though Sarah was against Helena’s suggestion to tell Kira the truth about their lives, based on the preview for next week it looks like Sarah will reconsider that option.

And Adele is back, and now filled in on the clone situation thanks to S, who has recruited Adele to track Neolution subsidiaries in Switzerland. Felix is upset that S brought in Adele behind his back, but Sarah says they need to trust S now more than ever. That was slightly surprising, given Sarah’s frustration with S earlier in the episode for not revealing her sources. Plus, S’s earlier conversation with Dr. Perkins about their relationships with their daughters felt very meaningful, especially Perkins’ parting line that “your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you.” Rather than shrug it off as a meaningless conversation that was necessary to the con, S seemed to be affected by Perkins’ words, which leads me to wonder what lies ahead in S and Sarah’s relationship.

So, is anyone else as intrigued by Mud as I am? Do you think it was okay for S to bring in Adele? Excited for Cosima and Delphine to reunite next week? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!