SATURN AWARDS: Sydelle Noel Talks GLOW & Black Panther

Not only did Sydelle Noel look amazing when she presented at Wednesday’s Saturn Awards, she also stopped to talk with us about the pretty amazing year she’s had. The actress shared her experiences working on Netflix’s hit series GLOW, as well as the months she spent as a Dora Milaje in Marvel’s Black Panther. Check out the video below to hear her thoughts on female camaraderie on and off-camera, her passion for physicality in acting, and most importantly her Wakandan accent:

Noel describes her last two roles, both at the forefront of pop culture right now, as a dream. About GLOW specifically, she said, “I’ve always said I wanted to book a role that was very physically demanding, and I never even dreamed of booking a wrestling show.” But both the intense physical component of the role and the large number of women were what drew her to the project. And the ladies got along so well that they’ve stayed in touch ever since! “We share a Whatsapp, and we’re always in connection,” Noel gushed. “Whatever everybody’s doing, we always are supporting each other.”

So what stood out to her when she joined the Black Panther crew in Atlanta? “It was physically demanding in another type of way. Glow was more using our own bodies and slamming ourselves and hair-pulling. This? …I have to say I was a ninja.” She learned to become proficient with a staff and spent time on set working with renowned actors such as Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker and Chadwick Boseman – so of course, “I was in a dream.”

As for what’s next for her, she knows she’s all about the physically demanding roles because she’s got the training for it. “You can’t fake the toughness, you can see right through it.” As for the rest? She’s up for whatever is out there. “Anything, bring it on. I’ll even take a man’s role!”

You can catch Sydelle Noel on GLOW‘s first season, which is currently available on Netflix. Black Panther will be out in theaters on February 16, 2018.