SATURN AWARDS: Candice Patton Talks Iris West in The Flash S4

Before winning her well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award at the Saturn Awards on Wednesday night, the ethereal Candice Patton from CW’s The Flash stopped to chat with us about her character’s evolution next season for a literal minute. Of course, it was a minute that probably felt like an eternity to Barry Allen, who’s stuck in the Speedforce over hiatus and separated from his beloved fiancée. But how will Candice’s character, Iris West, cope without the love of her life? Check out the video below to find out more, and to marvel at what Barry’s missing while he’s in time out:

Though she couldn’t spoil much, especially as the production team is keeping Season 4 tightly under wraps, she did confirm that six months have passed since Barry’s disappearance and “we do get to see a different version of Iris.” In her view, Iris West is now “a little harder” after the losses she’s suffered and the stress of the previous season. But on the bright side for fans, it seems she’ll also be more of a leader. “She’s kind of had to step into this role as the leader of the Flash team.” With Wally still growing into his powers and Cisco struggling with when to use his, it’s surprising yet understandable that they would look to someone without powers to keep them grounded.

Keeping collected under pressure and weathering every kind of storm has been one of Iris’ greatest strengths this season, so we look forward to seeing her handle her most heartbreaking challenge yet. At the same time, many fans have been hoping to see her branch out in terms of her journalism career. A reporter chasing down stories about metahumans and helping the citizens fight for justice seems like just what Central City needs. Candice couldn’t confirm or deny any storytelling advancements in that area, but hopefully a shocking headline or two is lurking just around the corner for her.

The Flash returns October 10th at 9/8c on The CW.