PODCAST: Pop A La Carte #2 – Electric Boogaloo

This week on Pop A La Carte we discuss the latest news about X:Men – Dark Phoenix (at 00:21), and Star Trek: Discovery (at 07:09), as well as give our recommendations on what you should be catching up on in the world of television this summer (at 14:08), while most of your favorite US TV shows are on their hiatus. Warning: We tried to avoid spoilers, but sometimes they’re inevitable. Shows we recommend include iZombie (at 14:26 and 15:08), Once Upon A Time (at 14:36), Lucifer (at 20:10), Gotham (at 25:11), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (at 29:06). Our foreign recommendations start with Spaced (at 36:04), Luther (at 41:26), Home & Away (at 42:35), Road to Avonlea (45:35), Kdramas (at 46:10) including Shopping King Louis (46:34), and Suspicious Partner (48:15).

Oh, and one show we don’t recommend, unless you just watch the first two seasons before it went off the rails, Pretty Little Liars (at 32:33).

As always, you can find this episode on Google Play and iTunes, or you can listen below.