Watch the ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 3 teaser

VoltronThe first trailer for the third season of Voltron: Legendary Defender has been released, giving a first glimpse at Prince Lotor and the remaining members of the Voltron Force team.

With the defeat of his father, Emperor Zarkon, at the end of the last season, Prince Lotor will be stepping up to lead the Galra Empire. He is seen in the trailer showing some impressive fighting skills and it is clear that Team Voltron will have another formidable adversary to contend with in the coming season. The trailer also briefly shows all the members of the main cast as well as some members of the Blade Mamora.

Collider provides more details about the Prince’s role:

“Coming out of a devastating loss, the prince is summoned to continue his father’s mission to inflict terror and amass more power. Following the tumultuous battle between the Empire and Voltron by the end of last season, the former Black Paladin turned evil was left on life support which prompted Haggar to reach out to Prince Lotor for help.”

Despite their victory over their enemies, the Galra, the Voltron team is also reeling from a major loss, the disappearance of their team captain and the Paladin of the Black Lion, Shiro. For the time being, the team is unable to form Voltron and this will leave them even more vulnerable to any plans of revenge Prince Lotor has for them.

With Shiro’s fate still a mystery, some have speculated that the Netflix show will be following the plot of the anime with Keith taking over the Black Lion and Princess Allura possibly piloting a Lion herself. But no details have yet been revealed about the plot of the upcoming season.

The second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender aired early this year in January.

Watch the teaser HERE.

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