REVIEW: Shadowhunters – 2.12: “You Are Not Your Own”


“Is that what I look like to other people? Eee!”

Mixup Monday is apparently the new Freaky Friday, seeing how Magnus and Valentine are still stuck in each other’s bodies. Unlike the popular movies or episodes where the body switching is used in a comedic way, Shadowhunters‘ take on this common trope is the most serious and dare I say life threatening I’ve ever seen! Instead of laughing over Valentine trying to act like Magnus, we’re too busy being worried for Magnus, who’s being tortured due to being in Valentine’s body.

If Shadowhunters was ever in the realm to be nominated for an Emmy, Alan Van Spring and Harry Shum Jr. should easily win for their portrayals of each other in this episode. Harry pulls off the sinister evil behavior of Valentine so well. Plus, the vulnerability Alan creates in his mannerisms and voice in each of his scenes- outstanding. I don’t care if Valentine is supposed to be our antagonist, I’d still love to see more of this side of him, well… when it’s actually him.

“You’re not Magnus! It’s a lucky guess that you knew every detail of each of our dates!”

Unfortunately, the majority of their switcheroo goes un-noticed by everyone around them. Yes, that means Magnus’ boyfriend, Alec! When Magnus-as-Valentine tries to relay information to him that only he would know, his mind goes straight to the logical sense of “you’re lying to save yourself.” The puppy dog eyes Alan then conveyed as Magnus? Heart breaking! Valentine (as Magnus) has to literally hold Jace hostage via a hologram and present the body switch to Alec. To make matters worse, Valentine was seconds away from being executed! Alec, why would Valentine know intimate details about you?! No thanks to Alec, the evil shadowhunter and downworlder are able to be switched back to their original bodies in the end. I should make it clear that I’m not anti-Alec, never have been, never will be. I just found it a little out of character on Alec’s part and it’s just going to introduce unnecessary drama between Malec. What did you guys think of the body switching plot-line? Do you think we’ll be seeing a more closed off and reserved Magnus because he relived many traumatic childhood experiences through the torturing?

I’m going to fall in love with you and your accent, aren’t I?

Sebastian finally met the rest of the shadowhunter gang in “You Are Not Your Own,” and seeing how we’ve finally seen scenes between Will Tudor and Katherine McNamara, they have heaps of chemistry! It’s obvious from the get-go that Clary and Sebastian will have a special connection that she and Jace never had (heck, not even Simon). Did I go there? Yeah, I went there. Climon shippers can calm down, when Sebastian asks Clary on a date, she states she has a boyfriend. I think what makes Clary and Sebastian’s dynamic so interesting is that they hardly know each other, yet they’re able to (well, at least Sebastian) tap into each other’s emotions and truly understand each other. It helps that they have several things in common (dead parent, feel like they don’t belong, etc.). Am I completely crazy or are other people loving them?

I’m sizzling after all of these Sizzy scenes. (That was lame, I’m sorry).

Speaking of ships I love, after at least a season’s worth of episodes, we finally got several Simon and Isabelle (Sizzy) scenes! I knew going into the series and books that Simon and Isabelle are a slow burn type of pairing. It’s going to take episodes, maybe even another season, for anything to happen with them, but I have a feeling it’ll be so worth it. I think this episode will be the one fellow Sizzy fans look back on years later, to see how far they’ve come.

During their scenes, Izzy confesses to Simon that she was addicted to yin-feng (“Oh my god! Are you okay?” Simon immediately responds). They visit Raphael’s relative, Rosa, who thought Simon and Isabelle were dating, and they have a brief run-in with some of Raphael’s vamps. All it takes is for Simon to head into the sun and they bolt. Apparently no one messes with a daylighter. Oh excuse me, that’s Lord Daylighter, as Simon prefers. But of course no one’s scenes can be incredibly cute and fluffy, some sort of drama has to ensue. For Sizzy that would be Isabelle accidentally spilling the beans on Clary and Jace not being related. It’s not her fault, Clary has been mum on the subject since she found out – for which I don’t blame her. For the time being, Climon is alive and well. But who’s to say both Clary and Simon couldn’t find other romantic partners in the near future?

Lastly, I couldn’t talk about this episode without mentioning Jace’s true family line. In season 2B, we have been introduced to Imogen Herondale, the Inquisitor at the New York Institute. She rarely trusts anyone, and doesn’t take a liking to Jace. That is until at the end of “You Are Not Your Own,” where we come to find out that Jace is a Herondale and Imogen’s grandson! From Jace Wayland, Jace Morgenstern, and now Jace Herondale, let’s hope that he finally learned who his parents/family are! If this was a musical, Jace would’ve probably had 3 refrains about finding out about his family lineage (or lack thereof at times). Oh man, now I want a musical episode or at least an adaption! If Percy Jackson can get one, so can The Mortal Instruments. (But then again, Percy Jackson is long overdue for a television adaption. C’mon Freeform!)

What did you think of Shadowhunters, 2.12: “You Are Not Your Own”?

The next episode, 2.13: “Those of Demon Blood” airs Monday at 8/7c on Freeform.

A revolt from the downworlders? I am so here for this! And for seeing Maia and Luke take charge. And it definitely seems that Malec’s relationship is strained ever since the Magnus/Valentine switcheroo.