Sneak Peek of this weeks ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Fear the Walking DeadWatch a clip from the upcoming episode of Fear the Walking Dead, featuring the members of the Otto family: Jeremiah Otto Sr. (Dayton Callie), and his sons, Troy (Daniel Sharman), and Jake (Sam Underwood). The episode will also be dealing with the aftermath of Travis’ (Cliff Curtis) death in the second episode.

According to ScreenRant, In a new trailer for the third episode of Fear the Walking Dead season 3, “TEOTWAWKI” :

“Jake talks to the people of Broke Jaw Ranch – counseling them on the recent tragedy of the helicopter being ambushed. While he takes on a more calm approach encouraging the people to take a moment to grieve, Troy, on the other hand, does not want to waste take a step back and is more interested in finding out who attacked them and serve the payback that they deserve. “

In an interview with Comic Book, Sharman reveals more details about his character :

“Troy is almost the black sheep of this family, but he has a brother who is a lawyer and is so diametrically opposite to him, but rewarded in the old world…His relationship with his brother has tons of history of guilt and kinda of abandonment, but also adoration and everything you get from that kind of golden brother.”

With the main characters deciding to stay at Broke Jaw Ranch, there will definitely be more to see of the Otto family dynamics and the power struggle between the two brothers. As Screen Rant notes, it isn’t clear this early in the game which of the brothers Jeremiah favors. The Clark family will be challenging some pretty impressive adversaries and they will need to keep their wits about them if they want to survive.

Check out the clip here.

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 airs every Sunday on AMC.