REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep2 – The New Frontier

The second half of the Fear the Walking Dead season premiere began with the shocking and unexpected death of Travis. He had been badly wounded in the fight, and knowing that there was little chance for him to get medical help he decided to sacrifice himself, to prevent endangering the others by turning into a walker. Alicia watched in horrified realization as her stepfather fell to his death.

So the Clarks are all that’s left of the family now, with both Chris and Travis gone. After all they had been through and how much Travis had developed since the zombie apocalypse began, it was a shame to see him meet his end so soon. But then again, perhaps the loss of Chris last season did irreparable damage to Travis so perhaps it was his time to go.

The group found themselves in a new community called The Brokejaw Ranch and they were welcomed (not too warmly, mind) by the patriarch Jeremiah, who was not so benevolent as he seemed. Luciana finally received the medical attention she needed, though not until after a tense standoff between Troy (who wanted her dead since she was so close to it anyway) and the fiercely protective Nick. Madison managed to diffuse the tension even while in the midst of grieving over Travis. She also told her children her intention of making the ranch their home, even if it meant wresting control from the current leaders.

Back at the hotel, there was a whole subplot involving Strand pretending to be a doctor to try and calm the crowd of stragglers at the gate of the hotel. The man did his best and even had a touching moment with the mother of the bride who had turned into a walker early on in the show. But things have a way of getting complicated and Strand was sent away. Luckily, his exile also gave him the opportunity to get a cool new car, much to his delight.

Fear the Walking Dead is back and the new order has been set up. The characters have suffered a major loss but they have grown strong enough to easily bounce back from every heartbreak. And they are determined to stay together in the face of whatever is to come.