REVIEW: Fear the Walking Dead, S3 Ep1 – Eye of the Beholder

Fear the Walking Dead returned with an action-packed season premiere featuring a horde of walkers and a sudden, tragic death. The characters are brought together to face the new challenges of the world overrun with more horrors than they can imagine.

New characters are introduced, posing new threats and acting as potential. But the many trials the Clark family endured have only made them stronger, and they prepared to fight for the lives they wanted to build.

The Clark family are reunited as they are rounded up into a military compound where a bunch of twisted soldiers have spent their time conducting experiments on the dead and timing how long it will take for every corpse to turn. Nick tried his best to find medical help for the injured Luciana and there was a touching moment when he saw his family again.

A lot of particularly horrible things happen on the show, but one memorable death was when a soldier tried to open a hatch and then got overwhelmed by a horde of rats and then grabbed and bitten by a walker. That’s one way to go.

There are vicious monsters everywhere in the world of Fear the Walking Dead but luckily, the Clark family has toughened up and they refuse to take crap from anyone. They are more ruthless than ever, and special mention must go to Travis and Madison, the latter having poked a man in the eye with a spoon just to get him to do what she needed.

In another big action sequence, Travis was thrown into a pit of walkers and managed to hold his own by fending them off with anything he could find. The man even used cinder blocks, which goes to show that one must always be resourceful when faced with a bunch of flesh-eating zombies. His fight was certainly more impressive than Rick’s tumble with the gladiator-zombie back in the mother show.

The first episode concluded with the family being split up again after a horde of walkers was unleashed on the compound. Everyone scrambled to safety but had to choose different means of transportation. Alicia took Luciana to a chopper and Travis followed while Madison and Nick had to hitch a ride with Troy, the guy whose eye Madison poked at with a spoon. They part ways, hoping to meet up again soon.