Stan Lee to get the ultimate tribute at TCL Chinese Theatre this summer

Stan Lee, Stan the Man, The Real Stan Lee, The Legend, King of the Nerds. He created so many of our favorite characters – from Spider-Man to The Hulk, The X-Men to the Fantastic Four. And with his much beloved cameos in films in the Marvel  Cinematic Universe, X-Men films, etc. he’s not just a recognizable icon to those deep in nerd culture, but the lay person as well. He’s constantly celebrated for the great contributions he made to Pop Culture as we know it, and in July he’s going to get a new special recognition.

Legion M and TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX are teaming up to celebrate Stan Lee with a ceremony where Stan will have his handprints and footprints added to the famous TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX forecourt; he’ll be immortalized alongside Cecil B. DeMille, Paul Newman, Clark Gable, Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and even Darth Vader, R2D2, and C3PO.

The Legend will join these legends with a ceremony and after party taking place on July 18th, 2017 at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX, in a year that will also see Stan celebrate his 95th birthday, 70th wedding anniversary, and 78 years since he first started at Timely Comics (which would later become Marvel comics).

Because this is Stan Lee, and Stan loves nothing more than interacting with his fans, Legion M and TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX are making sure fans are able to be a part of the event with the option to buy tickets to attend the ceremony and after party, or contribute notes or artwork that will be part of a poster or tribute book to be presented to Stan at the event. Check out Legion M for all the details on how you can be a part of this special day.

“Stan Lee gave us the heroes that fueled our imagination and aspirations” said Kevin Smith, Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Comedian and Stan Lee Fan, who will be hosting the event. “Now, WE, the fans, are coming together to give this permanent monument and tribute to the man that gave us so much.”

“On behalf of Stan Lee and Stan Lee Collectibles, we’re deeply moved and appreciative of the groundswell of fan support Stan has always enjoyed, and we’re grateful that his fans have united together with Legion M to give him this great honor,” says Stan Lee Collectibles CEO Max Anderson.

About the TCL Chinese Theatres (

Since 1927, The TCL Chinese Theatre, the most famous movie theatre on the globe, has been world-renowned for its unique forecourt of the stars, featuring cement hand and footprints of major movie stars.  In 2013, the main theatre was relaunched as the world’s largest IMAX® theatre.

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Legion M was created in 2016 by Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison, two of the Emmy winning founders of MobiTV. The company is using the JOBS Act to become the first media company built from the ground up to be owned by fans. Legion M’s mission is to unite 1 million fans to bring boldly original film, TV and virtual reality projects to market. In August of 2016, Legion M closed a historic, oversubscribed equity crowd-funding round, raising over $1.2MM from over 3,100 investors. In March 2017, Legion M received SEC clearance to open their Reg A mini-IPO to up to $50M (round is open at The company moved quickly to build a slate of film and TV projects, including the April 7th release of COLOSSAL, an imaginative sci-fi feature starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, and directed by Nacho Vigalondo; FIELD GUIDE TO EVIL, a global horror anthology produced by Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League and Ant Timpson; ICONS: FACE TO FACE, a groundbreaking virtual-reality interview series launching with comic-book visionary Stan Lee interviewed by Kevin Smith; and PITCH ELEVATOR, a digital TV series and Comic Con experience that offers fans the opportunity to win a film or TV development deal. Allies and advisors include Stoopid Buddy Stoodios (Robot Chicken, Supermansion), Tim League (Alamo Drafthouse, NEON), Adam Rymer (President of Legendary Digital Entertainment, Nerdist, Geek & Sundry), Scott Landsman (Head of Comedy TV, Sony), Lisa Taback (award winning publicist), Kerry O’Quinn (founder of Starlog and Fangoria), Stan Lee and more.

About Stan Lee:

Stan Lee is the most legendary name in the history of comic books. The leading creative force behind the rise of Marvel Comics, he brought to life some of the world’s best known heroes and most infamous villains.  His stories, featuring superheroes who struggled against personal hang-ups and bad guys who possessed previously unseen psychological complexity, added with and subtlety to a field previously locked into flat portrayals of good vs. evil.  Lee put the human in the superhuman.