REVIEW: Lucifer, S2E18 – The Good, The Bad, And The Crispy

Last week, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) revealed his plan to open the gates of Heaven and throw his mother in before returning happily to Earth. Meanwhile, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) learned that he was the chosen guardian of Azrael’s sword and Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) accidentally unleashed her holy light when stabbed by a disgruntled criminal. Lucifer‘s season finale opens right where it last left off, with Charlotte frantically trying to dispose of the body and staple (!) her wound back together. You can really feel the race to the finish line picking up, after several weeks of a more leisurely pace.

Who’s the favorite son now?

Lucifer and Amenadiel’s sibling rivalry is building as well, pushed by the discovery of “the favorite” – and the fact that Lucifer refuses to even consider the possibility that God means it. On the other side of town, the Goddess herself must go to poor Linda (Rachael Harris) for some hilarious attempts at medical aid. Who would have thought mortal wounds can be covered up with duct tape? The episode wastes no time in joining together disparate plot threads, and soon enough Charlotte’s self-defense murder is being investigated by Chloe (Lauren German) and Ella (Aimee Garcia). Not to mention that Lucifer wasn’t content to simply connect the case directly to the season-long arc this episode, so there is a readily evident thematic connection as well: brotherly love. Chet’s brother is an almost extraneous element in the hour, but he highlights the importance of family bonds among the cast.

Even Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) gets roped into finding Amenadiel (he’s off “processing”) before Chloe uncovers the truth about the murder. Her adorable game of doctor with Trixie speaks volumes about how far she’s come in her relationships with humans this season, and it’s clear she cares for them more than she lets on. Little do the rest of the characters know, Amenadiel is hiding out by following up on the improv invite from Dan (Kevin Alejandro). It’s been a while since the pieces of this show slotted together so perfectly, and it was quite enjoyable to watch Woodside show off his comedic chops. The only part that drags is Lucifer once again needing to slow down the investigation for his own purposes, though it’s always fun when he winds up involuntarily helping instead. Chloe laying down the law for him was even more worth it, because by now she deserves honesty and respect.

Once Amenadiel declares his intention to be loyal to God instead of breaking into Heaven, Lucifer shifts focus to Charlotte’s concerns about her son – and to another murder that the Goddess may or may not be to blame for. It shifts so much that the show makes the odd narrative choice of skipping the majority of Amenadiel and Lucifer’s argument to have them on the same side when confronting Charlotte. Even the tension of the confrontation is a little undercut by the fact that both the audience and the characters know the Goddess would never kill either of her sons.

However, Charlotte appears to have no compunction about killing Chloe and dozens of strangers. It’s actually a nice bit of character work that she makes sure to keep Dan safe, and it makes the previous episodes of romantic build up worthwhile. The juxtaposition between the care she takes with her lover and the brutal pain she inflicted on Linda also underscores just how far from human she really is. The second half of the episode was certainly tense, even if it felt like Lucifer took a few too many shortcuts in the first half to get there.

The best friend a demon could ask for.

Perhaps the most compelling part of the hour wound up being Linda’s dire situation. Her near-death experience brings out one of Maze’s most human moments, jump-starts Amenadiel’s long gone powers, and therefore leads to a heartbreaking showdown between Lucifer and his mother. Charlotte’s journey overall was less satisfying than expected – taking her from careless deity to loving mother to murderer and back again – but she was important for Lucifer’s growth. Perhaps now that the Goddess has entered a new realm courtesy of her son, we’ll finally meet the real Charlotte Richards next season. She might be a better match for Dan than the previous one was!

Just as Lucifer seems to be taking a real step towards honesty, growth, and Chloe, the finale takes yet another unexpected turn. After being knocked out, the Devil wakes up in the middle of the desert… with angel wings. As rushed as the finale felt, it did bring all the characters together and set up a whole new playing field for season three.