REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4E22 – World’s End

That was quite the season finale.

So first things first: I actually found Aida/Ophelia’s end kind of anticlimactic; I expected there would have to be more to it than that. Not that I’m sad that she’s gone. It was time. And just as we all thought, it was Ghost Rider who took her out. I will readily say that it was satisfying to see her show fear and dismay at her lack of ability to defeat the Rider, before the end. I’m sure not going to miss Ivanov/the Superior at all, either. (Please tell me they’re all gone. No more LMDs. We’re done with them now, right? Oh, dang. There’s still the disembodied head.)

So glad these two both made it through, and that she could be there for him.

Ghost Rider: so happy he was back, and just in time. Seeing him work with/kick ass with Daisy again was a delight. Loved Coulson’s disappointment at not seeing that fight with the Russians. Hee! Also loved seeing him cut a bunch of LMDs to shreds. That didn’t get old, really. Plus, the way he made the portal at the end with his chain: awesome! Whether that came from something in the comics or not, it reminded me an awful lot of the portals in Dr. Strange. Lingering questions: what world/dimension might be safe as a place to leave the Darkhold? And does that mean even the Rider can’t destroy it for good?

Coulson: how many of you guessed that he was going to get the Rider to move to him temporarily to take out Aida? I thought he might. Now I’m very curious about the terms of his deal, especially given how bad it sounded to Robbie. Will we see how that plays out in the next season? (By the way, yay, fifth season!).

May: love that she insisted on hearing what went down between Coulson and LMD!May, even though as she admitted, she hates talking. Good ol’ May. And of course, once Aida was taken down, I’m guessing she and Coulson didn’t get that chance to step back and start again … since the whole team is in some kind of space prison? Or something?

Mack and Elena: aww geez, we knew Hope’s ending was going to be hard to watch, and so it was. Major kudos to both Henry Simmons and Natalia Cordova on that final scene in the Framework, especially. Also Dr. Radcliffe following Daisy’s clues to rescue Yo-Yo was a pleasant surprise. (Radcliffe, you were so selfish and untrustworthy in life, but you sure became a hero in death. A toast to you). I’m glad that, as Mack told Elena, at least he does now have several years of memories of what his daughter was like. That’s not nothing, for sure. Now they can move on together.

FitzSimmons: beaten-down, guilt-ridden Fitz was so sad to watch. I’m glad Jemma didn’t let him stay that way during the episode, and that the whole team refused to let him go all Goth Loner Daisy at the end, either. Also good grief, poor Fitz having to watch even an LMD version of Simmons get murdered by Aida! He did not need any more trauma. Iain de Caestecker did an amazing job, as usual. Added bonus: Jemma having the chance to fill Aida full of holes was satisfying for more than just her. Heh.

I almost wondered if they’d all go out for shawarma, but the diner worked just as well.

Poor General Talbot. I’m glad he didn’t die, but he’s sure had a rough couple of years. And that leads right into … what the heck was up with that final scene, after our team got captured by the creepy guy in a suit in the diner? What is going to become of SHIELD as a whole?

I guess we’ll have to wait until our show returns to find out. In the meantime, hope you all enjoyed this season as much as I did, and see you next season!