REVIEW: iZombie – 3.06: “Some Like It Hot Mess”


“You threw off my groove!”

Was I the only one that got series finale vibes from this episode? I found it odd that every story-line got resolved and everyone (sans Blaine, sorry bud) was so close to getting a happy ending. Well after thinking about it, technically this episode could constitute as the mid-season finale.

The brain/case of the episode was to put it exactly: a hot mess. Yvonne could be described as overly forgetful, just looking for a fun time, and a lover of all things drama. Kind of like a forever teenager, but her actions had more consequences. Her death? Completely accidental by her roommate, thanks to the hair dryer falling into the tub after Yvonne slipped. Usually, I’m all for a fun brain for Liv to eat, but I think this one just left me mostly annoyed. Partly due to the fact that I know people like Yvonne (*rolls eyes*) and that Liv’s forgetfulness and extreme carefree attitude got in the way of the major story-lines (both the character and the adjective).

With the cure now in full effect for Major, the Z team is just waiting for his memory to go completely blank. Ravi is trying to preserve his B.B.F’s (best bro forever) memory for as long as he can by using flashcards. Obviously, with human!Major now in motion, we all thought we would be introduced to a new Major for at least the remaining part of this season. Boy, were we wrong.


Peyton Charles, the Ravi/Peyton/Blaine triangle is over! What are you going to do now? (Hopefully stay single for a bit?)

The turning point in “Some Like It Hot Mess” for me and I’m sure others, was Blaine confessing the truth to Peyton. Turns out the cure worked the entire time, besides the first few couple of memory-less days. For those that had theories about Blaine faking it, feel free to write in all caps “I TOLD YOU SO!” in the comments. I can’t tell what I’m more shocked over: that the writers actually went this route, or that because Peyton didn’t accept Blaine’s reasoning, he’s back to being a villain.

By the end of the episode, it’s almost like we’re back to square one with the series aka: season 1 of iZombie. Blaine’s our main villain once again, Major is human, and Lilymoore/Livjor (Liv/Major fans, what’s their official ship name?) seems to be the show’s number one ship. Plus, with Peyton feeling betrayed by Blaine, it’s goodbye love triangle!

What did everyone think of 3.06: “Some Like It Hot Mess”? I liked how captivated it kept me in the episode overall, but with that said – the majority of the development that’s been established in these past two episodes alone are now considered no big deal and should practically be forgiven. I hope with the season 4 renewal, the writers will be able to take their time planning out story-lines/plots that will move the show forward, not backward.

iZombie‘s next new episode, 3.07: “Dirt Nap Time,” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW! The trailer can be viewed below.

I’m curious to find out if Blaine has any other excuses for going back to his evil ways besides “my girlfriend dumped me because I’ve been lying to her this entire time.”

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