Familiar Villain To Return For ‘Luke Cage’ Season Two

Good news for fans of Theo Rossi’s character Shades on Marvel’s Luke Cage Collider reports that he’ll be returning in the Netflix show’s upcoming second season.

Shades was often in the background in the show’s first season, less obvious than more upfront villains such as Cottonmouth or Diamondback. Nevertheless, his influence was felt throughout, especially in his interactions with Mariah Dillard.

In an interview with Parade, Rossi was enthusiastic about being involved with Netflix’s television shows:

Now that I’m on Netflix with Marvel, and to be on the number one show on Netflix in Luke Cage, it’s like cable television 2.0. I’ve been very lucky and very fortunate in my decisions and in the people who wanted me to be with them with things like Sons [of Anarchy] and Luke Cage.

As a NYC native, himself, he has also enjoyed the opportunity to film in his hometown, saying he “honestly couldn’t ask to be in a better situation” than what he’s been given with Luke Cage.

Mike Colter’s bulletproof superhero will return to our screens first in Marvel’s The Defenders, available for streaming starting August 18th. His own show (with Shades included) should begin filming its second season soon.

Are you excited for Shades to come back? What do you think S2 of Luke Cage will be like? Let us know your thoughts and speculations in the comments.