SYFY Greenlights Superman Prequel Series ‘Krypton’

Cameron Cuffe stars in Krypton

Have you ever wanted to hear the story of Superman’s Kryptonian grandfather? Well, now you can. SYFY has greenlit the Superman prequel series, Krypton, for its 2017-2018 lineup which currently includes The Expanse, The Magicians, and 12 Monkeys.

As stated, Krypton will follow Superman’s grandfather, taking place two generations prior to the destruction of the planet. Which, as fans know, is the event that launched young Kal El into space leading him to Earth and becoming Superman. Played by Cameron Cuffe (The Halcyon), Superman’s grandfather will be tasked with redeeming his family’s name after the House of El was “ostracized and shamed,” according a recent press release from SYFY.

Joining Cameron Cuffe on Krypton will be Georgina Campbell (Broadchurch), Elliot Cowan (Da Vinci’s Demons), Ann Ogbomo (World War Z), Rasmus Hardiker (Your Highness), Wallis Day (Will), Aaron Pierre (Tennison), and Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones). Produced by David S. Goyer (Batman v Superman) and Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow), the series pilot was written by Goyer and Kindler based on a story by Ian Goldberg (Once Upon A Time).

While Krypton is yet another television series based on a DC property, it’s highly doubtful that there will be any connection between SYFY’s new series and other DC series like Supergirl, though considering Krypton will take place two generations in the past that seems inconsequential. As of right now, SYFY has not released an official trailer for the series, though a trailer did leak online a couple of weeks ago. That trailer has since been removed. We’ll keep you posted as more Krypton news comes through. In the meantime feel free to let u know what you think of this latest project in the comments. Will you be tuning in for Krypton?