REVIEW: Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your Heart

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your Heart

The Once Upon a Time musical episode was a fun and memorable special that celebrated the show’s characters and made way for a big wedding.

So what if the musical curse came out of nowhere and added nearly nothing significant to the plot? If any show was going to do a musical episode, it was Once Upon a Time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After all, this show is best appreciated if one does not dwell on things like internal logic and coherence. Just let it do its unique brand of magic, and one can be happy.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your HeartAhead of the final battle against the Black Fairy, Emma prepares for her wedding with Hook and Snow is determined to make this a truly happy occasion. Regina is also willing to atone for ruining Snow’s wedding by making Emma’s a success. This all leads to a flashback where Snow makes a wish for Emma to have the strength to face the trials ahead, and then she wakes up and bursts into song. It’s ridiculous, it’s contrived, it’s unnecessary. But it was a lot of fun to watch and the cast had a great chance to showcase their musical talents.

The Once Upon a Time musical is kicked off by a lighthearted duet with Snow and David singing about love being the most powerful magic of all. They are as charming as ever, even more so while they sing, and the upbeat tune feels like it could really be part of a Disney movie.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your HeartMore of the cast members burst into song, much to the Evil Queen’s irritation. But she has a kickass number of her own and though it’s a bit more rock-and-roll than the rest of the songs, which are more conventional showtunes, it suits her. Lana Parilla is a gift to watch dancing and singing her heart out, letting the Evil Queen’s flamboyance shine in another way.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your HeartThere’s another cheerful solo from Captain Hook, as he sings in a tavern about his desire for revenge. It’s a bit strange for a song with such a serious subject to be so upbeat, but Hook is so charming and Colin O’Donoghue can really sing, so it’s another great number to watch.

Even Zelena gets a solo in this musical episode as she sings “Wicked Always Wins.” It’s a pretty enough tune and Zelena sings it well. It’s not and never will be like Wicked the musical, but it’s a nice addition to Once Upon a Time.

Snow and Charming have a sing-off with Regina in a less interesting number which basically just re-hashes their earlier solos and ends with the heroes defeated.

(I’m still a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to hear Rumple sing but he did give a pretty funny fake-out. Evil Queens and Wicked Witches can burst into song but not the Dark One. At least, not yet, I hope).

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your HeartBut it turns out the songs were hidden in Emma’s heart (something never mentioned before but whatever) so when the Black Fairy tried to crush her heart, the magic of music made her strong enough to fight back. (Never mind that the songs’ magic never helped her when she faced other villains, but again, let’s not think about it too much).

Emma sings a moving, heartfelt solo about how she lived her life alone but found courage and strength in the people she loves. It’s a lovely song and delivered in such a beautiful way by Jennifer Morrison, and it captures many of the themes of Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time, S6 Ep20 – The Song in Your HeartAnd since most musicals end with a big wedding, this one saw Hook and Emma finally say their vows and then have their “Happy Beginning” together with a song that probably brought tears of joy to many Captain Swan shippers. I enjoyed the ensemble parts of the song and seeing the main cast join in the joyous celebration. I particularly liked the moment with Regina and Zelena.

But then, this is Once Upon a Time and the season six finale is next week so of course, it was time for a curse to fall. And so yet another dark cloud of evil magic engulfed Storybrooke and its heroes, until they figure out a way to defeat the Black Fairy next week.