REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4E20 – Farewell, Cruel World!

Well, I wish I could say that (almost) everyone getting out of the Framework was one hundred percent a relief. But I suppose if it had been, the season would be over, and it’s not quite over yet. Two more episodes, guys.

You’ve had better ideas, Jemma. But at least it sort of worked out in the end?

First of all, as you might have guessed by the episode title, we’re out of the Framework just in time! Or most of us are, anyway. No one else died inside it, at least. This show remains generally good at not letting these kinds of plotlines go beyond what’s bearable.

Speaking of not everyone being out, moving on to Mack. We knew it was going to be a problem for him to leave Hope behind, and so it turned out. That was a beautifully sad scene as he realizes he is in a fake world after all, and learns about what happened to Hope IRL. Are we saying goodbye to him for good? I really hope not. So does Elena. People have speculated about some of the good guys using Aida’s Darkhold Human Body Making Machine, so that could be a possibility. But would making Hope in the real world be a good idea? I dunno. I do know that I loved the exchange about Moses, and Mack’s, “They did not just go and use the Bible against me.” Hee!

Tripp: I mean, can’t we have him back? Please? He could have a body made for him, as long as his appearance didn’t change in the least. I’d certainly rather him than Radcliffe, even if that guy did (partially) redeem himself saving Jemma and Fitz.

Speaking of Jemma, I kind of wish she had just straight-up shot Fitz Sr. – although that would be a bit cold-blooded for her even though he wasn’t real. At least that whole mess kept Fitz away from Aida when Aida wanted him there. Also, while it was good of her to save Radcliffe from falling in after he pushed Fitz, it did make me super nervous when she was hanging around not saving herself yet.

Fitz: oh, man, am I glad he’s out of the Framework, and that he has his memories and real personality back. Though of course I feel terrible for him, too. As I knew I would. It’s going to take a long time of healing for him to be anything close to okay. That’s assuming he gets away from “Ophelia” and/or kills her, of course. He has to be the one to take down the Darkhold machine, right? Unless maybe Ghost Rider shows up again – which there have been rumors about…

“Why do my eyes hurt?”
“Because you’ve never used them before. Also you killed a lot of people, sort of.”

Coulson and May: love them. Really glad they didn’t kill Coulson again. Don’t do that, guys. Once was wayyy more than enough. It was a nice touch of realism to have May, especially, be weak on her feet after so much time of physical inactivity. I’m sure she’ll be back to full strength soon, though. Also I’m glad May had faith in Coulson – enough to jump through the portal right after him despite her doubts. Another moment I loved: “Coulson’s going to die!” “Not on my watch.” She’s the best.

As for Daisy, how did she get through the portal thingy? Hold it open with her powers until the last second, I guess? Anyway, we already know she’s good with portals. And now I feel like I need to make an Aperture Science joke.

Also, Aida (or is she going to go by Ophelia from now on?) can apparently teleport in the real world now. That’s just great. Terrific. Once again, I end an episode very worried about what she’s got planned for poor Fitz!

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