INTERVIEWS: ‘Lucifer’ Cast Gives Hints Before Return

While Lauren German and Tom Ellis weren’t available to attend Wonder Con earlier this month, the other stars of Lucifer were more than happy to spill a few secrets prior to the spring premiere. Make sure to check out these interviews with some of your favorites before the show returns Monday night on Fox at 9/8c.

Kevin Alejandro, who plays Chloe’s ex-husband Dan Espinoza on Lucifer, discussed how his character has changed over the course of the season. “[He’s] stepping up a little bit more. He’s not so much of a doormat to Lucifer’s little jabs.” He’s also been doing a little moving on with Tricia Helfer’s character Charlotte. Will that continue? “You get to see where that relationship goes,” he teased in response.

As for scenes with his daughter Trixie: “There’s a couple more scenes coming up with her.” Not as many as Alejandro would like, but perhaps once filming moves to LA next season that will change.

Lesley-Ann Brandt considers her character Mazikeen to have one of the largest transformations on Lucifer. “It’s so easy to fall into playing one note,” she said about badass female characters. “I’m not just kicking ass the entire season. I’m dealing with real human emotion.” She feels a strong connection to the Maze and Linda relationship, which she hinted would be explored further in the next few episodes. “It goes deep. It goes real deep.”

Brant also teased the rewarding and difficult standalone episode of Lucifer that she stars in. It’s called “Mr. And Mazikeen Smith,” and she filmed it at five months pregnant! “The work was so rewarding, too. Because I got to grow a human while playing a demon… who has problems with humans.”

Rachel Harris, who portrays Dr. Linda Martin, talked through the various deepening relationships her character has – not to mention the discoveries she’s made. “She’s really figuring out that line of what’s acceptable to her.” Not only will Lucifer fans see that Linda is true-blue in her willingness to accept her friends for who they are, they will also see “what she’s willing to do for them.”

In the next batch of episodes, Linda meets God. “Her reaction to meeting God is probably what yours would be.” Despite all this new information, she still has to act as a therapist and treat their problems as those of a normal dysfunctional family. While she didn’t give away too many hints about God’s involvement, Harris did say “it’s really satisfying.”

If you’re wondering about the five extra episodes that will not be shown during Lucifer‘s second season, producers Ily Modrovich and Joe Henderson have all the details for you. Plus, a fun story about a Vancouver Battle of the Bands with competing set crews, such as Arrow. Check out their interview and don’t forget to watch the show when it returns May 1st at 9/8c on Fox!