REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4E19 – All the Madame’s Men

Guys, this season. I don’t know if I can handle its sheer awesomeness. But I’m still really stressing out about Fitz!

Watching Melinda May fight is like watching a poem in action. A violent, dangerous, badass poem.

So yeah, that scene I was looking forward to at the end of last week’s ep, with Quake busting out and taking out Hydra with May? Very close to as fantastic as I was hoping. The only reason I say “very close” is I feel like, if that dynamic duo had had just a little more time, Quake could have actually brought down the Triskelion like she said she could. But it was still plenty amazing. (Plus, I suppose showing the Triskelion get destroyed has already been done). My favorite moment had to be Quake blasting Aida/Madame Hydra out the window. Very satisfying. Betcha didn’t see that coming, did you, “Ophelia”?? Close second favorite was May’s flying flip in the cubicle area. I also enjoyed Daisy’s description of coming out of the Terrigen cocoon as “like a hangover with bees”. Hee!

Coulson: Coulson continues (unsurprisingly) to be the absolute best. I just love him so much. Standing up for May even when he doesn’t totally remember her, musing about the life with SHIELD he could have had, looking damn good in a suit (again, some more) – and most Coulson of all, deciding that what remains of SHIELD needs to both save the Framework world and save themselves by finding a way out. Plus, I loved his speech. Heart eyes forever.

Ward: it definitely seems like they’re giving him a chance at real redemption, in a fake world. I can’t help actually liking him, when he appears to so genuinely hate the idea of how evil he was in the real world. That last scene between him and Daisy was very well done. I’m glad that, while Daisy encouraged him by saying she could finally understand him in both worlds now, she still didn’t kiss him or anything. And this Ward, not being evil, didn’t try to take a kiss from her without her consent, either. It also seems like they’re setting him up to die heroically – like I used to think Real Ward might. I could get behind that as a(nother) end to this character’s arc.

I loved the way Mace’s death resonated in this episode. From a resurrected Bakshi’s “alternative facts” about the Patriot as a killer, to how that angers and motivates the remainder of SHIELD, and most of all to how they decide to use that bodycam footage of his death that I was curious about last week. Good work, SHIELD. Your Director surely did not die in vain.

Another familiar face in the Framework! And just as cowardly as ever.

Next, Aida and Project Looking-glass: uh oh. This does not look good. First of all, we had the Darkhold brought up for the first time in a long while. Then Jemma reveals that Aida is trying to become a real girl? Does that mean she could die completely and for real if, say, she was shot? Because that could be an upside. But I’m very worried that at least one person won’t make it out of the Framework in time, if she gets into her new body while her creepy boy-toy Russian LMD is there with his knife. Also, I do not like the sound of Aida “taking [Fitz] with” her while she completes this process. No, no, no. Get your claws out of him already!

That brings me once again to Fitz. His dad continues to be the worst. Also, now that Aida pointed out how Fitz’s romantic nature has stayed true in the Framework, I hate even more how she’s twisting it and him. I still have no idea how our team will get through to him, but I’m not sure how I’d handle it if they don’t. At least there’s a chance he’ll stand up to his dad, though. And speaking of Fitz senior, I did feel bad for Radcliffe this time. I mean, way to not actually break under torture for once, but you still kind of ruined things. Accidentally. We’ll have to wait and see just how much, next week.

So what was your favorite moment from this episode? Let us know in the comments!