Our First Look at Sebastian in Shadowhunters’ Season 2B Is Here!

Will Tudor

Will Tudor

In late January we finally learned who was going to portray the highly anticipated Shadowhunters character, Sebastian. Humans and Game of Thrones actor Will Tudor was cast to portray the upcoming character.

We’ve seen plenty of behind the scenes photos, and the video of him thanking the fans for the warm welcome to the show. Now we finally get a chance to see Will’s character, Sebastian, in the newly released promo video.

In the promo, the downworlders are outraged over the outcome of the Soul Sword. “This could be the start of an uprising,” Jace mentions. With Simon being able to walk in the sunlight now, I’m curious if he will overshadow Raphael as a leader because of this. Speaking of Simon, he’s looking mighty adorable with Clary. “Wherever you go, I go,” he tells Clary, in a beautiful snowy exterior scene. (The cinematography, lighting, or at least color correcting of it make these scenes look stunning! Looking forward to this!). As the promo continues to play, it looks like we’re going to get some Clace vs. Climon moments in season 2B, with Jace now knowing he’s not Clary’s sibling after all.

And of course, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is shown. “I’ve never seen you at the Institute,” Isabelle notes. To which Sebastian introduces himself. It’s a brief clip, but still, this is huge!

Thoughts on the promo and what we’re looking to expect from the remaining episodes of season 2?

Shadowhunters returns with all new episodes June 5th at 8/7c on Freeform.

Credit for video: Freeform.