REVIEW – Making History: 1.06: “The Godfriender”

Deb giving Al Capone the side-eye after seeing how he treats his wife is my favorite thing.

After a 3 week hiatus, our favorite time traveling show, Making History, is back! And unfortunately, nothing has really changed for them; they’re still stuck in Chicago 1919. At first, it was just because they had to stay to see their bet on the Sox come through. Now that the money’s won and secured, they just have to deal with Al Capone’s neediness.

From this episode alone (and after putting my thoughts down for this review), I’ve realized that each of our main characters has such an important contribution to every one of their time traveling adventures.

Dan is great at making friends with everyone, especially the enemies (okay except for Davey and his men). Al Capone is practically putty in his hands. He’s copying Dan’s jokes, listening to him in regards to acting nice, and wants Dan to kill Chris (but I’ll bring that up later).

“That’s sexist.”

Chris, being a history teacher and all, is great at knowing every historical fact/event for every time period they’re in. For example, he tries to bring Al down by reporting him to the IRS, since that’s actually what happened.

Deborah Revere, my favorite character of this show (if it wasn’t obvious already), is surprisingly the most vital member of the trio! Every single time she’s saved the boys from a near-death situation. And she’s not afraid to speak up when she sees a woman being mistreated, like Al’s wife, May. “The Godfriender” especially was a great episode to see her shine. Dan taught her how to use sarcasm, which she used at any given moment! Plus, there’s the whole using her gun like the iconic movie, Scarface, to allow Dan and Chris to get the upper hand on Capone. “Say hello to my little friend!”


Lastly, I can’t talk about Deb without mentioning her fight with May. “Look at us fighting like men,” she says, ready to send numerous punches May’s way. “Better than men!” May replies. I had no idea how pro-female-empowerment this show was prior to watching it, but I couldn’t be happier for it!

We also learned a few rules relating to the show’s time travel rules. However long you’re in the past is the same amount of time you’re gone from the future. Chris learns this the hard way when he realizes he’s missed a week’s worth of classes.

And this one is just an observation on my part. Based on how the gang time traveled in this episode, it looks like you have to be in the same location you’re time traveling to. Example: When they’re finally free from Al Capone’s clutches (robbing him blind in the process I might add), when they return to the present, they’re in present day Chicago. Since the series is set in Kentucky, looks like they had to travel quite a bit to just get to the Windy City.

“Say hello to my little friend.”

Now with all of Al Capone’s money, Deb can finally get her ice cream shop!

What did everyone think of Making History 1.06: “The Godfriender”?

An all new episode will air next week, Sunday April 30th at 8:30/7:30pmc on FOX!