Once Upon a Time: First look at Emma Swan’s wedding dress

Once Upon a Time weddingEntertainment Weekly has revealed a first look at Emma Swan’s dress for her upcoming nuptials to Captain Hook during the musical episode of Once Upon a Time.

Even in the midst of all the current chaos in Storybrooke, with the Black Fairy threatening to defeat Emma and destroy everything she holds dear, there is still room for some happy events. Emma recently accepted the proposal of Killian Jones a.k.a. Captain Hook and though the future looks dire, they are still determined to enjoy whatever time they have left together.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to Once Upon a Time executive producer Edward Kitsis, who had this to say about the wedding and the special musical episode:

“Emma knows the Final Battle is in front of her, but she, in this moment, is brave and is not going to let the troubles of whatever they’re dealing with get in the way of her happiness… She’s truly following her mother’s advice to live her life.”

And as for what happens next, executive producer Adam Horowitz teases:

“She either dies, or she doesn’t die, or something else happens.”

The photo shows Emma glowing in her wedding gown while being escorted down the altar by her proud parents, Snow White and David (Prince Charming). In the background, looking equally pleased, are Emma’s son, Henry, and his adoptive mother, Regina (the former Evil Queen.)

The showrunners gave a few more details about the looming Final Battle. Kitsis said:

“In our minds, the Final Battle is probably not what you think it is… Like any good battle, sometimes it’s not a battle in the literal sense of a fight.”

Horowitz added:

“It is a battle, it is different than the ones we’ve seen before, and it is very personal to Emma.”

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays on ABC.