REVIEW: iZombie – 3.03: “Eat, Pray, Liv”


Yes, more glamorous shots of Peyton please!

With the first two episodes of iZombie’s third season so spot-on and perfect for me, I was really looking forward to loving 3.03: “Eat, Pray, Liv” just as much. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I blame the current characterization for Ravi, to be honest.

The case of the week was the murder of a former CEO turned zen guru. Seeing how his only known enemy among his co-workers was the inability to accept the gift of change, who would want him dead? This case wasn’t too difficult to figure out on my end. The second we were introduced to the “homeless” guy that witnessed the murderer throw away evidence, I thought something was fishy. Turns out I was right, seeing how that guy was the victim’s former partner.

It may irk me to the core, but the main part of the episode I’m eager to discuss is the Ravi/Peyton/Blaine triangle. Yes, I know in the past I’ve been so adamant about wanting the unnecessary drama between these three to end, but I guess now it’s gotten so bad that I just have to rant about it?

We need another Livton centric episode. Step away from the love triangles/romance and just have a girls night or something!

First, we have Blaine DeBeers/McDonough: once zombie antagonist, turned memory-less human. Due to the mentioned memory loss, he’s become almost like a helpless puppy. Blaine knows he’s done terrible things in the past, and I can tell he hates his former villainous self for it. The only person that actually takes him seriously and sees the good in him is Peyton.

Peyton Charles: Badass assistant district attorney, best friend to Liv Moore, and fairly new member to the Z Team. Based on how she was introduced to Blaine, she isn’t one to judge a book by its cover. When she found out about Blaine’s prior actions and who he was, she felt incredibly guilty for getting close to Blaine. Heck, she literally states this in the episode! I personally don’t blame her for any of this mess of a story-line. Like I said, she didn’t know about Blaine’s past prior to Liv telling her. Okay, so I may be a bit biased (being a huge Peyton fan) or just really empathetic towards her.

Then we have Ravi Chakrabarti, the character most responsible for this love triangle mess. I honestly don’t know where his head’s been at lately. To quote Peyton herself, “Why are you being such a dick?” I was moderately okay with Ravi confessing his love for Peyton at the morgue; maybe all this time he really did love Peyton. He did seem to have her on his mind constantly, so I can see where the “I love her” thoughts came in. But what really made me loathe Ravi’s character was the last scene between Peyton and himself. She arrives at his door, ready to hear him out, and try to see his point of view. “Don’t you get it?” she explains. “The one thing that’s stopping this from happening is a forced love triangle plot!” This is literally what I’ve been saying this entire time! They kiss, which would have been sweet (and the perfect way to end this love triangle mess), had it not been revealed to us that Ravi slept with his old boss!

“Why did my character become such a dick!? Where’s my quirky sci-fi related one liners?”

I apologize for all the ranting and the late posting of this review (er… rant), I think I just had trouble writing my thoughts on this episode since there was so much of what I didn’t like versus what I actually did.

To end this review on a positive note: things I did like! I loved the reveal of the Scratching Post! After much talk of the zombies-only speakeasy, it’s great to finally see it on the show. Plus, I continue to enjoy Clive’s involvement with the Z Team; even just him so much as telling Liv she has to eat or have a vision and I get all giddy.

What did everyone else think of iZombie, 3.03: “Eat, Pray, Liv”? What’s your stance on the Ravi/Blaine/Peyton story-line? Do you want it to be over as much as I do? For those trying to see Ravi’s point of view to this, I recommend checking out Rahul’s tweets on it. It definitely gives some perspective on it.

The new episode, 3.04: “Wag the Tongue Slowly” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW! The trailer can be viewed below.

Looks like Liv will be a fairly big gossip girl in next week’s episode. Or should I say, gossip zombie? I hope they poke fun at Gossip Girl (even though I probably wouldn’t get half of the references, seeing how I only saw a handful of episodes).

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