‘Shadowhunters’ Teases Us With New Footage!

Shadowhunters S2 Photoshoot

The second half of Shadowhunters doesn’t air until June 5th, but thanks to these recently released teasers, we already have our first glimpse at what’s to come!

When I mean teasers, I mean two 10-second videos. But don’t be dismayed, there’s a lot packed in each of these.

The first teaser is titled: “Siblings No More.”

“Valentine’s not my father. I’m not your brother, Clary,” Jace says to a shocked Clary. Then of course during cute Climon related kissing scenes (why am I starting to ship them? I prefer them as friends!), we see a tortured Jace forced to be stuck in this love triangle. I’m going to say it: “That’s rough, buddy.”

The second teaser is appropriately titled: “Trust.”

“We need to be able to trust each other,” Clary says. “Just feel something. Whether you think it clouds your judgement or not.” During her saying this we get a better feel for what’s to come. More Malec kisses, Isabelle appearing pissed at Raphael, and a Climon hookup?!

Which teaser is your favorite? I think I prefer the “Trust” one, because we get a better sense of what’s going to happen to the characters overall. Are you guys on team Clace or Climon? I’m not even a huge fan of either (Clizzy shipper over here!), but even I have no idea!

The second half of the Shadowhunters‘ second season airs Monday June 5th at 8/7c on Freeform.

Credit for the videos: Freeform.