REVIEW: iZombie – 3.02: “Zombie Knows Best”


“Look at us solving mysteries. We should get a van and a dog.”

I came for the sure-to-be-hilarious teengirl!Major, but stayed for the Clive flashbacks and character development in this episode, “Zombie Knows Best.” Upon hearing about this episode and seeing the trailer, I expected to partake in an episode filled with Major and Liv constantly bickering, some Major selfies, and perhaps some Dad jokes from Liv. Fortunately for me, most of that occurred throughout the episode, but we also got so much more!

Now that the season premiere has finally aired, it looks like we’re getting back into our weekly case/brain of the week. Or should I say brains, since Major is partaking as well?

The brains/case of the week is Stanley and Cindy Chen, a father and daughter that tragically are hit by a huge truck head-on while Stan is driving her to ice skating practice. Solving the case wasn’t that interesting (or surprising) to me, this time around. It involved Cindy’s friend Winslow, her illegal relationship with her stepdad Ken, and her mother, not having any of it. Winslow’s mother was the killer, thanks to using her parental control app on Winslow’s phone to find Stan and Cindy. Usually I’m at least a little interested in who killed the “brain of the week,” but not this time. I just wanted more Clive flashbacks.

“If they want to eat brain mash, let them eat brain mash. In this house, we eat whole brains and solve murders.”

I finally got one of the things I wanted with this show, seeing a bit of Clive’s life prior to knowing Liv, etc. We see his life living next door to Wally and his Mom, Anna. As he tells the lieutenant his relations to the recent victims, we find that Wally and his Mom weren’t just neighbors that he would occasionally see. In fact, I would say that Anna was a sort of love interest to Clive. What I want to know is how Wally and Anna became zombies in the first place. In terms of who killed them, it’s suggested from Wally and Anna’s recent neighbor, a anti-zombie kind of guy, that fellow conspiracy theorists located his address to kill the “brain eaters” next door. I still think Vivian/Fillmore Graves had something to do with it. What about you?

Lastly, I have to mention the effects Liv and Major go through, due to Cindy and Stan’s brains. Thinking Stanley’s brain will be of more use, Liv eats his and starts being as supportive as any (good) dad. Meanwhile, Major eats Cindy’s brain and is suddenly singing along to Katy Perry and being overly emotional about pretty much everything. I don’t think I have a favorite phrase; everything Robert Buckley said was perfect! Although I did want him to say something was so “fire” or that he was so “extra”/”shook” since I know those are phrases that have been circulating around the internet/I assume around the halls of high school?

What was also such a treat for us, was not only seeing Clive’s reaction to them picking out and eating brains, but also having to deal with the side effects of them both. I’m excited to see more of Clive’s involvement with the group in future episodes. Now just give me flashbacks featuring Peyton and we’ll be on good terms, iZombie.

What did everyone think of iZombie, 3.02: “Zombie Knows Best”?

The new episode, 3.03: “Eat, Pray, Liv” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW! The trailer can be viewed below.

It’s interesting how almost lighthearted this trailer is, when clearly featured is Major slowly dying and a tense conversation between Angus and Blaine.

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