American Gods sneak peek at the Goddess of Love

American GodsA short clip from the first season of American Gods has been released featuring Bilquis (played by Yetide Badaki), the Goddess of Love.

It’s less than a minute of footage but the clip shows one of the significant scenes of Bilquis from the book. ScreenRant describes the clip:

“It begins with a title card reading, “Presenting Bilquis, Goddess of Love,” in the same flickering neon as the show’s title, before showing Bilquis sitting up in a red bed, with candles behind her and a sheet over her. Her voice is heard saying, “Worship me, pray to me like I’m your God, your Goddess.””

American Gods follows the fascinating adventures of an ex-con named Shadow Moon (played by Ricky Whittle) who becomes embroiled in a conflict between powerful deities after he becomes the bodyguard to the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday (played by Ian McShane). It is based on the award-winning novel by Neil Gaiman.

Several trailers for the show have been released as well as the opening sequence and some character posters. Bilquis features in a character poster of her own which hints that she might have a bigger role on the show than in the book.

In Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Bilquis is described as an Old God, the Queen of Sheba, who needs to be worshipped through sex. She later appears in a scene that sets up the conflict between the Old Gods and the New.

Watch the clip HERE.

American Gods will premiere on April 30 on Starz.