New ‘The X-Files’ Audiobook Announced

Rejoice, fans of Mulder and Scully! Rolling Stone and other sources are reporting that a new story featuring our favorite investigators of the paranormal will be available in audiobook format this summer.

Titled X-Files: Cold Cases, it will star The X-Files actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. Other beloved characters, such as Walter Skinner, the Cigarette Smoking Man, and the Lone Gunmen will appear as well. They will also be voiced by the actors who played them on the FOX TV show.

Image courtesy FOX

Most intriguingly, to my mind, the story is set between the second movie, I Want To Believe, and the revival miniseries of last year. That means we get to hear about Mulder and Scully’s lives while still in hiding. Here’s more, from the Rolling Stone description:

The plot revolves around a database breach at the FBI, allowing a group to access unsolved X-files that have been dubbed “cold cases.” As villains from the agents’ past begin resurfacing, Mulder and Scully come out of hiding to challenge the conspiracy, which also involves the U.S. government and extraterrestrial forces.

Also be sure to go to the Rolling Stone article to hear their exclusive excerpt from the audiobook. The book is available for preorder at Audible now, and will be released July 18.

After last year’s television revival, showrunner Chris Carter has promised more episodes will happen, but there has been little concrete news as of yet.

Are you excited for this news? The excerpt certainly grabs my attention (in fact, I’m personally more interested in this audiobook than in more episodes, after my disappointment with most of the recent revival). Let us know your thoughts in the comments.