Tyler Hoechlin Returns To ‘Supergirl’

Supergirl is once again being reunited with her cousin, Superman! According to EOnline, Tyler Hoechlin is set to return for the second season finale. No plot points have been revealed as of yet, but it was only a matter of time given how popular his previous appearance proved to be.

Jeremy Simser, the storyboard artist for Supergirl and The Flash, confirmed the news in a tweet. Given that he tends to sketch action sequences, fans can expect that Clark Kent will be suiting up as Superman and not just stopping by to coach Kara on her journalism.

Tyler Hoechlin’s charismatic performance as Clark and his sweet familial dynamic with Melissa Benoist’s Kara was a big part of the reason that the first two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season were so well-received. Hopefully his upcoming appearance will recapture that magic. If the producers managed to get Calista Flockhart on board for the finale as well, then the episode will be talked about all over the internet.

Is there any chance the show would dream of adding Lois Lane, though? “The Adventures of Supergirl” confirmed that she was present in Clark’s life, but she sadly never showed her face. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously told Collider, “There’s no real plans right now. We’re happy we have Superman.” Hoechlin, meanwhile, was a little more enthusiastic at the time. “Hopefully, it would just be a dream person to work with, and somebody who’s a very supportive actress and very present… But, I think it could be fun.”

Supergirl returns on Monday, April 24th at 8pm eastern with the episode “Ace Reporter.” iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli will guest star as Lena Luthor’s ex-boyfriend, a scientist who has discovered a big breakthrough in nano-technology. Katie McGrath and Ian Gomez are set to appear in the episode as well, which will surely explore Kara’s journalistic ambitions more in-depth.