What We’re Into This Week

We’re introducing a new feature! The staff here at With An Accent will every week (as best we can!) take a few lines to a paragraph to squee about whatever we’re into this week. Sometimes we might not have a lot to say about something, but we still love it. Now we’re excited to share the love.

Angela, Contributing Editor

iZombie: FINALLY after almost a year, iZombie is back. The premiere gave me the beginnings of almost everything I want: Team Z is all together, sharing their secrets (though given that ending, perhaps they’re not all on the same page). The episode mostly set up the scope for the rest of the season, and I gotta say, it’s huge. It’s got me hoping that the showrunners have a plan to end the series soon, not because I don’t love it, but the way things are going, I’m not sure how much longer the show can go on without becoming The Walking Dead. I’m definitely ready for a crazy ride this season.

Tomorrow With You: Korean drama binge of the week is the recently-wrapped Tomorrow With You. This drama proves that you can have a fantastical set up for the show but still have a very true-to-life take on romance. On paper it looked like The Time Traveler’s Wife, but managed to avoid my “I’ve known adult him since I was a child” predestined power imbalance squick. My only complaint is that Song Ma Rin wasn’t a time traveler either; literally no reason was provided, given that all of the other subway crash survivors could travel in time. Other than that, though, this was a great drama with fantastic chemistry between the two leads (they needed to hurry up and have ALL the adorable dimpled babies). Come for the dreamy time-traveling premise, stay for the surprisingly true and realistic take on developing and maintaining a relationship.

Juniper Lane by Kady Morrison: After finishing a bunch of highbrow fantasy novels and one mainstream one that just wasn’t very good, Juniper Lane hits the spot. It’s a quiet, poignant character-driven romance set in wealthy suburbia. Its take on the “from bickering to bed” trope is less explosive than is usually seen with this dynamic, but it utterly works. Because what we’re really getting is an intense character study of two unhappy women deciding what they want in their lives. That sounds trite, but the novel very much isn’t. I’m not finished, but that’s because I’m thoroughly savoring each page.

Kelly, Contributing Writer

Hayley Kiyoko: I’m still on a post-concert high from seeing Hayley Kiyoko last week. I highly recommend her music if you like pop/indie music, well crafted music videos that Hayley directs herself (“Girls Like Girls” is iconic at this point), and amazing queer representation. She’s heading back on the road for her second leg of the “One Bad Night Tour” in June, so get your tickets if you’re interested!

Schitt’s Creek: A show that I’ve found myself binge-watching as of recent is Schitt’s Creek. Created by Eugene Levy and son Daniel Levy, it’s a hilarious comedy about a wealthy family that has to face the small town life. When their business manager steals all of their money, the Roses are left with nothing but the ownership of a town, Schitt’s Creek, which was only purchased by father of the household, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), as a joke to his son, David. Now the family have to learn how to live the simple life. I’ve only seen the first 7 episodes or so, but I’m already hooked. The jokes and comedy ranges in similarity to shows like How I Met Your Mother to It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I was told via my roommate (who has managed to binge-watch the first 2 seasons in the span of a couple days), that every character is given immense development and is very dimensional. You fall in love with each character so hard and fast – although we’re both partial to David. The third season just concluded on April 4th with a fourth season on the way. The trailer for the first season can be found below.

iZombie: Lastly, I have several feelings in regards to the iZombie season three premiere. But you can read all about that here. I know Peyton is a series regular now, but I still want more of her!

Tere Michaels, Assistant Editorial Director

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: If I had to pick my favorite show of the last two years, it’s going to be AoS. Every time a story ends, I think – okay, they can’t top that. And then comes the LMD storyline, which has been spectacular. So many twists and turns and human moments and OMG WHAT? – every episode makes me anxious for next week. Isn’t that what you want from your shows??

The return from hiatus brought us fully into the Mainframe, where only the visiting Daisy and Jemma are aware they are not in the real world. Hydra is king, Fitz is evil, May is a soulless monster, and Grant Ward…well, if you haven’t seen the episode I won’t spoil it but it was fabulous. I literally made a sound of pure delight.

My biggest take-away from SHIELD this week was how this show works because of the relationships – the love, the friendships, the deep emotional connections. No matter what the fantastical story, you know everything will be okay so long as the team works together. Where so many other “superhero” based shows have tripped in the past season by recycling emotional angst plots, AoS keeps getting better and better by moving everyone forward, while still staying true to what works.

Designated Survivor is generally ridiculous and hard-to-believe. That being said, it’s become one of my favorite hours of television.

DS is basically what would happen if The West Wing and Scandal had a baby and it went to a state college. It’s sort of serious and sort of “wait, what?” but Maggie Q is the bee’s knees as DS’s version of Agent May, Hannah Wells. I LOVE that a WOC is the action force of the show and this week she outran an explosion, had hand-to-hand combat with an evil person, and completely missed her (younger) geeky cohort gazing at her lovingly. And this was a SLOW week for her. Blah blah blah President Kiefer wants to make America awesome – Hannah will just have to save everyone’s ass in the meantime.