INTERVIEW: Gotham Cast Teases Ra’s Al Ghul at WonderCon 2017

Last weekend, the cast of Gotham joined producer Danny Cannon at WonderCon discuss the show’s upcoming arcs and tease some new villains, twists, and love triangles. Catch up with your favorites by watching our roundtable interviews before the series returns on April 24th:

David Mazouz, Gotham‘s very own Bruce Wayne, jokes about all the different Bruces he’s playing before getting into a more serious discussion of how he approaches them as an actor. “I like to make [acting choices] in the moment, as instinct,” he explained. But playing against himself rather than another person “has been not so much a challenge, but something that I’ve learned in this experience.”

The young thespian also teased the interplay between Bruce and famous Batman villain Ra’s Al Ghul. According to him, “There’s an age-conflict between Bruce and Ra’s Al Ghul about whether or not Batman should be allowed to kill” that may or may not be explored in Gotham. We’re going with may. As for whether we’ll see Bruce don a new costume? “The short answer is no, but you will see… Another outfit that Bruce will start to wear because he’ll start to have another role in the city of Gotham.”

Mazouz’s personal goals for the rest of the season? “I’m most excited for fans to see Bruce’s emotional and physical journey to becoming Batman.” While Bruce will be isolated from the characters he knows and loves, the show will introduce a new cast of characters that will help him along. Watch the whole video for more information on the Court of Owls and his relationship with Selina!

Speaking of Selina Kyle, actress Camren Bicondova was on hand to give us her take on the current Batcat troubles. “I don’t think that it’ll be easy for him to regain her trust,” she confided. Since Selina thinks Bruce did her wrong, she’s done with him. “For now,” she clarified. “We all know their dynamic as adults.” But will fans have to wait four more years to get to that dynamic on Gotham? Let’s hope not.

While she’s not sure when Selina will get to meet any more of her family members or run into Ra’s Al Ghul, Bicondova did tease the unfolding dynamic between her character and Tabitha. “There’s an event that happens, and it leaves Selina in this space of ‘what the heck am I doing?'” Because of that, she’ll eventually take a step towards knowing what she wants… And it seems that step will lead her to The Sirens.

Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha Galavan, previewed her character’s relationship woes as well. “She maybe has more feelings or is more attracted to Barbara, but Butch is far more loyal.” So what happens when the two people closest to her are on warring sides? “Loyalty or attraction? I think that question will be answered by the end of the season.”

More than anything, Lucas hopes to see more lady alliances on Gotham. “I love when all the powerful women team up together and cause havoc,” so she looks forward to the Sirens forming to a larger extent next season. Of course, Tabitha and Selina will specifically join forces this season. “Things are going to get worse for [Selina] and so she has to find somebody to turn to,” the actress teased about how they reach each other’s orbit. “And I by the end of the season am in a very vulnerable place.”

As for Tabitha’s loyal lover, Drew Powell told us all about Butch Gilzean’s survivor skills. “He knows how to keep his head,” and that’s why he’s managed to survive on the streets of Gotham this long. He’ll need that head for the upcoming struggle with Barbara and Tabitha, too. “That’s really the whole back half of the season from my character’s standpoint,” Powell declared. “Butch trying to show Tabby that Barbara is no good for her.” The relationship power struggle will culminate in the season finale, so fans of either relationship will have a lot to grab onto by then.

What would Powell like to see for his character? “More about where Butch came from. Like who is this guy really,” he wondered. “I think maybe we don’t really know who he is. And maybe we’ll find out towards the end of the season.

Erin Richards (Gotham‘s Barbara Kean) discussed her character’s keen intelligence and manipulation abilities. Barbara can easily handle people who are less intelligent than her, but she has to employ reason against those who are on her level. How will that affect the dynamic between Barbara and Tabitha, now that they have to work with Nygma against the latter’s wishes? “Barbara and Tabby are good for each other,” Richards answered. “I think there’s a trust between them that is obviously under strain at the moment. But they do like each other.”

She agreed with Lucas that a team up between the girls is exactly what the show needs. In the meantime, Barbara “is so focused on becoming the queen of Gotham” that she doesn’t have time to tangle in Jim Gordon’s storyline. But what will she be doing this season? “There’s gonna be a huge, huge development for Barbara [in the season finale],” Richards hinted slyly. We know she’s had to read some new comics, so perhaps she’ll be donning another character’s costume in the near future?

Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma, is thrilled that his character has come so far in three seasons. “I think it’s actually been quite a slow burn,” seeing as Gotham took the time to show Nygma in his work and personal environments before turning him into a villain. Since his turn as a villain, they’ve even explored his romantic relationships and friendships even as they turn sour. The latest tragic dynamic was with Cobblepot, but what would have happened if Penguin hadn’t killed Isabella? “I do think one of the interesting things about that clash… Oswald is open to loving someone because they understand him,” Smith mused. “And Edward is just kind of incapable of accepting that.”

Finally we spoke to producer Danny Cannon, who had a lot to say about “How The Riddler Got His Name.” Check it out and remember to tune in to Gotham‘s spring premiere on April 24th.