REVIEW: iZombie – 3.01: “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother”

Another season, another brain.

iZombie is back, guys! To be honest, I didn’t know how much I needed this show back in my life until I started watching the season premiere. It helped that this episode was as amazing as the last for me. Maybe it was because they picked up right where they left off, they didn’t feature a new brain of the week, and/or because I recently re-watched the season two finale, so all of that was fresh in my mind.

New Max Rager owner, Vivian Stoll, has thought of everything, so humans aren’t the wiser and proposing that there are zombies in their midst. From blowing up the Max Rager headquarters to having each of Major’s zombie victims comply with the same story for the press, you have to admit that she’s very thorough. Throughout the episode, we get a bit of backstory on both Vivian and her (potentially) late husband, and the Fillmore Graves company overall. Fill More Graves – I’m already getting bad feelings about this company based on the name alone. Vivian’s husband was turned into a zombie, thanks to another zombie that turned him, only to force him to cough up ~$24,000 per brain. Gee, wonder who that could have been? Mr. Stoll (I believe his name was Harrison?) wanted Vivian to leave him, but what does she do? Turns herself into a zombie so they could stay together. It worked out in her favor when Harrison disappeared and she took charge of Fillmore Graves.

The company itself is building a way for zombies to live comfortably away from humans…eventually via a customized island. What flabbergasted me was that there were zombie children – like Wally, Clive’s former neighbor.

Their facial expressions really resonate with me in this photo. (I’m pretty much Liv).

Speaking of Clive, it was great to see him officially become a member of Team Z! No more secrets between anyone; in fact that’s what Liv suggests the gang do from here on out. Honestly, I see this “no secrets” pact only lasting till the next episode (probably thanks to Major. Sorry buddy.)

I think what I really love about Clive knowing, is that things are finally all out and open – plus it’s great having someone in the police department that’s close to Liv, in the know. Now I want Peyton and Clive to team up to use their lawyer/detective skills to hide the secret about zombies.

Besides any scene with Peyton (my love for her is really showing, isn’t it?), my favorite scene was definitely the scene in the car between Clive and Liv. It’s so evident how much he cares about Liv as he’s watching her start to break down at the conspiracy theorist’s mention of zombies. Granted, most of that is due to the soldier brain wearing off and her realization of Drake’s death finally sinking in, but still: FEELINGS! I didn’t know I needed this type of scene between these two until now! He does what any police officer would do for someone in need: takes Liv to a bar to get smashed. This reminds me: I can’t wait to see that zombies-only bar!

Overall, I heavily enjoyed the episode. Although I could have done without the continuation of the Peyton/Blaine/Ravi love triangle. It’s not even because I dislike Peyton/Blaine; I actually found the scenes between the two sweet (I won’t be saying this when he has his memories back though)! I think I’m just more upset that these three characters’ “main” storyline is about a love triangle, instead of having their characters do more. What are people saying about Peyton on Twitter, for instance? Will Ravi want to learn self-defense/how to use a gun after his failed attempt in the finale? What about Blaine’s business? With Don E. starting something up with Blaine’s father, will that trigger his memories or do more harm to him?

As for Major: you’re so going to regret joining Fillmore Graves, buddy. Am I the only one that thinks that Vivian/Fillmore Graves are anti-human and are the ones that killed Wally’s parents (and Wally?) only because they had a connection to Clive? I think we just have to wait and see what more information we get on Vivian Stoll.

Thoughts on the iZombie season premiere?

The next episode of iZombie, 3.02: “Zombie Knows Best,” airs Tuesday at 9/8c on the CW.

The trailer can be viewed below.

When the teenage girl/father brains were first teased, I knew this was going to be hilarious. Actually seeing the promo for the episode has me loving this idea even more. I’m really surprised with how much I love Major this season (for the time being?).

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