REVIEW: Making History – 1.05: “The Touchables”

Chris: “Please promise me you won’t talk like that during the whole trip.”
Deb: “Not the whole trip, see.”
Dan: “Just most of it.”

Since we were introduced to Chadwick’s ice cream shop last episode, it has been Deborah’s dream to own the beloved ice cream shop. With her having no real connection to the outside world besides Dan and Chris, I think it would be a great thing for her to be a part of. The only thing standing in her way is the roughly $300,000 she’s going to need to own said ice cream shop. “I guess my ice cream dreams are melting away,” Deb says on the situation. Not if Dan can help.

Thanks to the idea from Chris, they know how to secure that kind of money. Place a bet on the already fixed baseball game in 1919 Chicago. To the Windy City they go! Since first starting this series, this was my most anticipated time period that was teased. Not only because I’ve lived in Chicago for the past five years, but because I’ve always loved/was most interested about everything the Roaring 20’s. Just look at the gang’s clothes for instance!

Dan & Deb are just shocked that Chris’ clarinet skills are more like Squilliam’s rather than Squidward’s. *clarinet drop*

Chris insists they go by New York gangster names, so as not to dabble too much in the gang scene in Chicago… but that doesn’t exactly hold the same amount of power as saying that you work for Al Capone.

Once Dan just so much as says Al Capone’s name, they immediately get to place their bet and get whatever their hearts desire. Unlimited dances, drinks, and decked out clothing for instance! The band isn’t even fazed when Chris starts playing a jazzy clarinet piece with them!

Sadly, all of this fun comes to an end, when Al Capone makes his presence known to the group. Ultimately, I was excited to meet Al Capone on the show. A part of me loved him, another part of me expected him to act more “villainous.” He was almost as threatening as Harry and Marv from Home Alone. But what was I supposed to expect from a comedy series?

I would love for Deborah to get a female friend in present day to have all sorts of equality-type discussions!

What I really appreciated was seeing Deborah strive to get as much responsibility as the boys. She wanted to be her own gangster persona instead of simply Dan’s wife, she stood up to Al Capone, and even tried to get his wife to do the same! I couldn’t tell if I loved seeing Deb realize just how little had changed from 1775 to 1919. Someone take this woman to the women’s suffrage movement, or heck a few months ago during the Women’s March!

Given that Al Capone has found Chris and Dan untrustworthy, he took their recently-stolen money with the time machine bag. I bet Deb will save them.

But for now, they’re all stuck in 1919 Chicago. “So we’re stuck in 1919,” Chris literally states as the door locks on them.

What are your thoughts on Making History‘s 1.05: “The Touchables”?

The series will be taking a mini hiatus with its next episode, 1.06: “The Godfriender” airing Sunday, April 23rd at 8:30/7:30c!

While we’re waiting to see how our time-traveling trio gets out of their pickle in 1919 Chicago, enjoy this cute little video explaining just exactly to bring on your own time-traveling adventure to the 1920’s. (Time Machine bag required first)