WATCH: A Sneak Peek from The Walking Dead finale

The Walking DeadIn a short clip from the season seven finale of The Walking Dead, Negan visits Sasha in her cell and once again tries to invite her to join forces with him. But since this is Negan we’re talking about, Sasha doesn’t really have much of a choice.

After being captured last week, Sasha has managed to survive her stay at the Saviors’ compound so far because, despite being a member of Rick’s group, she has demonstrated skills and competence that Negan values and admires. He compliments her on her strength and tries to win her over to his side. She refuses, of course, but she also knows that it is only a matter of time before she either dies or is forced to witness another one of her loved ones being slaughtered in front of her.

In the clip released by Entertainment Weekly, Negan pays her a visit and gives her some unique pep talk.

“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, Sasha,” Negan greets her in that sinisterly cheerful way of his. Coincidentally, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” is the title of the episode.

Negan goes on to detail his plans for the people of Alexandria as well as dish out some compliments:

“You are going to help me make sure that things get back on track today…You are smart, hot as hell, dignified as s— and you don’t suffer one goddamn fool. No one’s going to want to watch you die. I don’t want to see that. So you don’t have to. But someone does. Maybe a couple others, tops. But not you. And not most people. We are going to help solve some s—!”

He then leaves Sasha with a lovely pancake breakfast, complete with a smiley face made of blueberries. How considerate of him.

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Check out the scene below: