Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Emma on a girls’ night out

Once Upon a TimeIn a short clip from this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, we see a distraught Emma Swan being comforted by Snow and Regina.

Entertainment Weekly has released this brief scene from the upcoming episode of the fairy tale show. The Savior, Emma Swan, is still reeling from her latest heartbreak. Last week she inadvertently discovered that her fiance, Captain Hook, had been responsible for her grandfather’s death. And before either of them had a chance to talk about this latest road bump in their already tempestuous relationship, Hook was whisked away on a new marine adventure with Captain Nemo and his crew. But Emma doesn’t know that Gideon forced the former-pirate to go on this trip. She believes that he is simply running away from the more-than-awkward conversation they are supposed to have. This development puts a bit of a dampener on their wedding plans, to say the least. It wouldn’t be a first on Once Upon a Time.

But Emma is called away on an “emergency” at a bar that turns out to be Snow White and Regina’s way of luring her into a kind of girls’ night out where she can rant and rave about her “no-good pirate” boyfriend. It’s great to see Emma surrounded by such a supportive family who are determined to cheer her up. And Snow is pretty drunk so that’s amusing too. We don’t get to see what the girls end up talking about and how much Emma reveals about Hook. Looks like Regina’s going to have her hands full with an inebriated Snow and a sulking Emma but at least she’s not going to curse them this time, right? We’ll just have to wait for the full episode to air to find out how this impromptu bonding session turned out.

Once Upon a Time airs every Sunday on ABC.

Check out the clip below: