Watch the trailer for Fargo Season 3

FargoFX has released a new trailer for the upcoming third season of Fargo.

Screen Rant provides an accurate description of the series, saying that Fargo creator Noah Hawley has:

“combined the iconic, frozen landscape of Minnesota and North Dakota, with the brutal violence and black humor that made the original 1996 film so unique and masterful upon its initial release. And from that starting point Hawley has managed to tell stories about mischievous hitmen, nefarious husbands and wives, butchers with hearts of gold, and even – believe it or not – unexplained UFOs.”

The third season of Fargo boasts of a star-studded cast, including Ewan McGregor (Beauty and the Beast), who will be playing two brothers who are not twins: Emmitt, the successful one, and Ray, the loser. One of them is called the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota.”

David Thewlis (the Harry Potter films) will be playing the villain, V.M. Vargas, and his henchmen will be Yuri (played by Goran Bogdan of The Last Panthers) and Memo (played by Andy Yu.) Carrie Coon (The Leftovers) will play a policewoman named Gloria Burgle. Mary Elizabeth Winstead (BrainDead) will play Nikki Swango, Ray’s supportive girlfriend.

The third season will somehow feature the world of competitive bridge. And from what the trailer shows, there will be no shortage of shady activities while Carrie Coon’s policewoman will be busy enforcing the law in the snowy land.

As previously reported, the first season of Fargo featured Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton. The second season starred Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, and Kirsten Dunst. Each season has its own contained story but all are set in more or less the same universe, albeit during different time periods. And the whole series is inspired by the film of the same name directed by the Coen brothers and starring Frances McDormand.

Fargo season 3 will premiere on April 19 on FX.

Check out the trailer HERE.

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