Netflix wants you to meet ‘The Mars Generation’

It’s been nearly 45 years since man last set foot on the moon, and 5 since the last Space Shuttle war retired. Yet even at a time when our most important scientific programs are losing funding so that our President and his friends can fund their elaborate lifestyle, the true dreamers continue to look to the stars and imagine the next step in human exploration.

The answer seems obvious. Mars.

And so from Netflix comes The Mars Generation. A documentary about the future of space exploration, the leading experts who are currently pushing the boundaries of what we know and dream of in space, and the generation of teenagers who are training to be our future engineers, astrophysicists and astronauts; the generation that will likely be the first to set foot on the Red Planet.

From Netflix:

The Mars Generation is the definitive look at mankind’s future journey to Mars, as told through the eyes of the teens who will be the first ever to set foot on the Red Planet, as well as the leading experts currently pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in space exploration. The film follows a group of trainees, ages 15-18, at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center as they prepare to become the engineers, astrophysicists and astronauts of

The audience will also get an inside look into the architecture of the modern space race from the perspectives of the public and private sectors. We will also witness the ways that the teenagers’ progression to become the next generation of space experts mirrors the development of today’s space leaders, and prepares them for mankind’s most challenging expedition yet. The Mars Generation provides insight into the historical, philosophical, and technological implications of becoming a multi-planetary species and reveals that Mars is closer than you think.

The Mars Generation premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and will launch globally on Netflix on 5th May, 2017.

Check out the trailer below: