REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S7 Ep15 – Something They Need

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep15 – Something They Need

The penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season seven was spent setting up the long-anticipated final confrontation with the Saviors. Rick and the group clashed with the community at Oceanside, there were some tense moments with Maggie and Gregory on the Hilltop, and Sasha tried to make the best of being a prisoner of the Saviors.

Lots going on in one episode, not very characteristic of The Walking Dead in general. But since this is the calm before the storm, relatively, so much needed to be set up before the (hopefully) epic finale. We got to see more of the shifting power dynamics in the Hilltop, with Maggie continuing to prove how capable and competent a leader she was compared to the cowardly, weasel-ly Gregory.

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep15 – Something They NeedFor a scary moment, I thought that Gregory actually had the guts to harm Maggie. He saw how his credibility waned the longer she stayed and proved herself more useful and more fit to lead the community. People were looking up to her and beginning to seriously doubt him. He was poised to thwart Maggie before she could do the same to him. But his plan backfired most spectacularly with the arrival of some stray walkers. Not only did he fail to kill Maggie, he showed everyone that he wasn’t even able to kill one walker. His days as Hilltop leader are seriously numbered, and honestly it’s about time.

Back on the Savior’s compound, Sasha somehow survived her solo attack and managed to impress Negan with her skills. She also courageously faced a potential rapist whom Negan later stabbed in the neck. It’s a bit twisted for Negan (with his harem of wives) to act like he has a moral high ground when it comes to rape but perhaps he still believes, in his twisted way, that the women in his harem choose to be his wives. They do, in a way, but without any proper consent. Anyway, he tries to recruit Sasha but she gives nothing away.

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep15 – Something They NeedInstead she tries to trick the cowardly Eugene into giving her a weapon to try and get rid of Negan. Eugene’s benefiting far too much from his current position so he’d better prove to be of more use to his friends later on. Unfortunately for Sasha, he only manages to give her the poison pill he made for Negan’s wives. But since Sasha’s still breathing for now, on The Walking Dead, that’s a hopeful sign that she will still make it to at least the final showdown.

Tara finally spilled the beans on the Oceanside community, so Rick and the others make their way there and try to negotiate for the guns that the all-female community possesses. Well, this is The Walking Dead so their style of negotiation involves small explosions and asking people at gunpoint. Granted, the Oceanside leaders weren’t exactly hospitable to Tara when she first arrived, but something about armed individuals terrorizing a group of women and children (even if they are strong and able to defend themselves) is still rather disturbing. They end up fighting together against a group of walkers (probably attracted by the noise Rick’s group made in the first place). The guns are acquired, as well as some support from Oceanside from those angry enough at the Saviors.

And in a last minute reveal, Rosita brought back Dwight and he’s apparently ready to turn on Negan and help Rick and the others in their fight against the Saviors. This does not come as much of a surprise, as previous episodes have already given us a sense of Dwight’s state of mind. How helpful he will be in the finale is yet to be determined. But I have a feeling that, at this point, he will be more useful than Eugene.

We’ll have to wait and see in The Walking Dead season finale next week.