Supergirl Adds Katie McGrath As A Regular In Season 3

Supercorp fans rejoice! Lena Luthor is here to stay. Deadline reported today that Katie McGrath, who has been recurring throughout Supergirl‘s second season, has been promoted to the regular cast for next year. While McGrath has done plenty of film (Jurassic WorldKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword) and television (Frontier on Netflix), this will be her first regular role since NBC’s Dracula and BBC’s Merlin.

Lena and Kara have progressed beautifully from suspicion to sisterhood this season.

Lena has captured the hearts of plenty of Supergirl fans since she first appeared in the premiere of the show’s second season, alternating between a potential foe Kara must be wary of and a possible new best friend. Plenty of fans hope that their platonic relationship can become romantic, but thus far the dynamic between them remains friendly. That being said, they have both pushed each other’s boundaries and helped one another grow as characters. Lena kept Kara on her toes and seeking the truth as a journalist – even if that accidentally led to her being fired recently – while Kara inspired Lena to stand up to her mother and the Luthor corporation.

As Supergirl‘s second season had to deal with the loss of Cat Grant due to Calista Flockhart being unable to move to Vancouver, it’s nice to know that there will be another complex woman for Kara to bounce of off full-time in the future. On the other hand, there has been some criticism of the lack of women of color on the show up to now – as well as minimal screentime that Mehcad Brooks and David Harewood receive. That’s not to say that Supergirl shouldn’t hire McGrath to stick around, but maybe they can spread the love around and bring M’gann (Sharon Leal) back for another round?

McGrath has been spotted in Vancouver filming future episodes this season, so she will grace Supergirl again before the finale. In the meantime, the show airs Mondays at 8pm eastern on the CW.