REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S7 Ep14 – The Other Side

The Walking Dead

Sasha and Rosita finally go on their big mission, while we spend a lot of time with the Hilltop community on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

The Hilltop and its current leader, Gregory, are some of the least exciting elements of the show at the moment so it was unbelievably dull to spend so much time there this week. Especially since things are gearing up for the massive confrontation against the Saviors. We’re still waiting for Maggie to fully take charge of this community and win authority from Gregory. But while the Saviors are alive, Maggie needs to hide.

So when a group of Saviors, led by Simon with that villainous, twirly mustache, arrives Maggie and Daryl have to go into hiding. This led to some very tense moments where even we feared they would be found. But once the danger had passed, there was a very touching and emotional scene with Daryl apologizing to Maggie for what happened to Glenn. She doesn’t blame him for the tragedy, but she is as determined as ever to seek her vengeance.

The Walking DeadTwo other ladies hell-bent on revenge against Negan finally made their way to the compound of the Saviors. It was great to see Sasha and Rosita get over their jealousy and resentment and work together as an efficient team. They’re both highly skilled and capable and they have survived the world of The Walking Dead so far. This is also the most they’ve had to do in the past four seasons of the show.

It’s a bit disappointing that the character arcs of these two women are still heavily linked to the men in their lives. They only finally get to take action because of Abraham’s death. But at least we get to see more of Rosita and even learn something about her backstory during their knot-making bonding session while staking out the Saviors’ compound. They recognize each other’s strength and they work really well together.

We also get some glimpses of Eugene and it seems like he’s taking to the Savior way of life pretty well. And this episode pretty much confirmed that he isn’t playing any long game, isn’t planning on turning on Negan anytime soon. The life he leads is way too comfortable and he is a fan of surviving. So when Sasha and Rosita try to rescue him, the sniveling coward refuses to go with them. Hopefully, he proves to be of more use to our protagonists before this season of The Walking Dead is over.

The final scenes of the episode see Sasha make a big decision by locking Rosita out of the compound and going rogue by herself, armed with determination and a huge machine gun. Sasha believes she’s fighting for something more than survival, to build a better world for the future generations, including Maggie and her child, and all the other children who will have to grow up in the cruel world of The Walking Dead. She recognizes that Rosita has a multitude of skills that could help build this future and she is willing to risk her life so that the latter may be spared the horrors to come. It’s a truly noble act, and I really hope that this is not the last we will see of Sasha.