Our First Look at ‘iZombie’ Is Finally Here!


Credit: The CW

After almost a year of waiting for even the tiniest news on iZombie‘s third season, we finally got our first taste at the season premiere!

The “Team Z” trailer, as CW calls it, shows our zombie faves/allies in action! “From this day forward, no big secrets between the five of us,” Liv explains. With all of Liv’s friends in the zombie know now, what other lies could there possibly be? Hopefully none!

With a new zombie threat on the rise, they need all the comradery between them they can get.

“What happens when humans learn that there’s highly contagious zombies in their midst?” says Vivian Stoll, new Max Rager owner and said villain. I’m really excited to see more of her in the upcoming season. How will she tear down our beloved Z team?

The trailer can be viewed below.

What are you most looking forward to seeing (or hope to see) in the new iZombie season?

iZombie returns (finally) on April 4th at 9/8c on the CW.


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