REVIEW: The Walking Dead, S7 Ep 13- Bury Me Here

The Walking Dead

Morgan finally snaps this week on The Walking Dead while Carol makes a momentous decision, and the Kingdom finally chooses to join the fight against the Saviors.

This was an immensely tense episode that focused on the Kingdom and their continued dealings with the vicious Saviors. Richard, ever the rebel, hatches a plot to try and incite a war between the two communities, and this involves stealing a cantaloupe from the supplies the Kingdom is supposed to offer to the Saviors. A war from a fruit. There have been stranger things.

The Walking Dead, S7 Ep13 – Bury Me HereHis plan backfires because where he thought he would be sacrificing himself, the young Benjamin became the real victim. The boy who was close to Ezekiel and had somehow bonded with Morgan too, died almost instantly, causing great sorrow to those around him. And strangely enough, it was this death that had the most profound effect on Morgan.

There were some gripping scenes where we witnessed Morgan’s mind deteriorate as all his painful memories began to overwhelm him. The peace and balance he had worked so hard to achieve after Eastman’s training was gone, and he became the angry, murderous person he believed he had left behind.
The Walking Dead
He murders Richard with his bare hands in front of the Saviors, telling them that it was the latter who had been behind the cantaloupe fiasco. This brutal act was meant to be a display of loyalty but was really the beginning of Morgan’s dark plan. And, as one reviewer pointed out, Richard ended up getting what he wanted, sacrificing his life to become a catalyst for war.

But, as another reviewer pointed out, as powerful as Morgan’s regression was, it seemed a little less effective for its having come about because of Benjamin’s death. It’s hard to imagine him having such an impact on Morgan when they knew each other very briefly. It seems like minor characters who get some development on The Walking Dead are meant for an early grave.

The Walking DeadMorgan finally tells Carol the truth about Glenn and Abraham’s deaths and this revelation has the expected effect. She will not stand by while people like the Saviors ruin the lives of the people she cares about. Both Morgan and Carol had been struggling to avoid succumbing to their darker instincts, but now they cannot escape the painful truth. They are fighters and they always will be.

Whatever The Walking Dead intends to do, the pieces are finally falling into place. Morgan is on a vengeful path. Carol is back in the action and convincing Ezekiel to join the fight as well.